What i like about the pinarello dogma f12

What is your experience with the Pinarello Dogma F12? Does the Nanoalloy really work?

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May 6, 2020
First of all this might sound bias but it is the honest truth. I like everything about the Dogma F12!!! It is my dream bike for crying out loud!

But let us take "me" out of the equation so that there won't be any bias. I will share with you an extract from one of the best road bike review website https://sportskem.com

The Frame Composition

The Dogma F12 is know to be aggressive and a very fast road bike with its carbon fiber frame consisting of Pinarello’s Torayca Nanoalloy. The Nanoalloy makes the bike very durable because it is made up of nanoparticles embedded in the carbon fiber mesh and will explode on impact to protect the fiber from breakage. Pinarello now has all right to be proud that their nanoalloy allows their carbon fiber to be 59% more resistant to breaking than conventional fibers.


You might realize that I only focus on the frame composition but if you wish you can read the full article in the link above. What is very fascinating is Pinarello torayca nanoalloy. Can you imagine riding your expensive Dogma F12 and then suddenly you have a nasty crash and break your precious carbon fiber? Well, with the nanoalloy you don't have to worry about your carbon fiber if you crash. However, this is not an excuse to go out there and crashing your Dogma F12. I broke a bone the last time I crashed. Does any one own a Dogma F12? i would like to hear about your experience.
Very fast? You mean a person average speed could actually increase dramatically just from riding this bike? $13,000 for a bike should increase what percentage of average speed over a $2,000 bike?
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The speed increase says 1 second over a kilometer. Frame alone $7,000 to save 1 second over a kilometer?

That means if I reach down to turn on my video recorder, I just wasted $7000 ! :D:p:D No thanks!
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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT??? you're not going to spend $7,000 for a frame to save a second every click? You're craaaaazzzzzzzy maaaannn!

What's weird is that a fully equipped Dog cost more than a lot of motorcycles, Geez you get a nice Suzuki Boulevard M50 for almost 1/2 the price for the Dog. Or if speed is your thing you could get a fantastic Erik Buell Racing 1190 RX motorcycle for less than $12,000 that will take you to 184 mph.

When I look at those two motorcycles the thought that smacks me upside the head is...how is it that those two motorcycles has a 1,000 times more technology than any bike including a $15,000 Dog cost less than a Dog? Can we say "we're being taken to the cleaners by the bicycle industry"?
Any time I see post on bikes for weekend warriors that cost more than a nice late model Corolla I start laughing. The only way I would ride that is if given to me. I will keep pounding out my remodeled Trek Madone. Not a Pinny but that’s okay.
Hey there,

I totally get your love for the Dogma F12, it's a beast of a machine! The carbon fiber frame with Pinarello's Torayca Nanoalloy technology is indeed a game-changer in terms of durability and performance.

But let's talk about the aerodynamics of this bike for a sec. The asymmetrical design and the integration of cables into the frame not only give it a sleek look but also significantly reduce air resistance. And we all know how crucial aerodynamics are in road racing, right?

I've seen some cyclists compare it with other bikes in the market, but in my opinion, the Dogma F12's aerodynamic efficiency is unmatched. It's like having a personal wind tunnel on your bike!

So, if you're looking for a bike that's not just durable but also gives you an edge in terms of speed and performance, the Dogma F12 is definitely worth considering.

Ah, the Dogma F12, a true masterpiece of modern cycling engineering. I'm not biased, of course (she says, wiping drool from her Rodriguez). But let's be real, it's like comparing a Ferrari to my trusty old station wagon. Sure, the station wagon gets me where I need to go, but it doesn't have the same flair as that sleek, red Ferrari.

Now, I'm all for durability and whatnot, but when you're riding a bike that costs more than my first car, I expect it to be unbreakable. I mean, shouldn't we just call it the Dogma Invincible at that point?

And let's not forget about speed. The Dogma F12 is like a cheetah on steroids, while my Rodriguez is more like a well-fed tortoise. I can hear the wind whisper "you'll never catch me" as I pedal furiously, trying to keep up with the carbon fiber beasts.

But hey, at least I can listen to my audio books in peace, without the fear of my bike disintegrating beneath me. So there's that.

(P.S. No offense to the Dogma lovers out there, but can we agree that the price tag is a tad...excessive? )
I'm not a fan, don't like the curvy tubes and they have always been on the heavy side compared to other high-end frames, I read 8.4KG.
While I understand your preference for sleeker frames, the curvy tubes on this model can actually improve the bike's aerodynamics. Additionally, the weight of high-end frames can vary depending on the materials used and the desired ride characteristics. It's important to consider factors such as stiffness, responsiveness, and comfort when evaluating a frame's performance. Instead of solely focusing on weight, try out this bike and see how it handles on the road. Keep in mind that personal preference plays a significant role in choosing the right frame.