What if 60 min NP is greater than sustainable ride?


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Jul 26, 2012
I know this topic has been beat to death recently (long time forum lurker, finally starting to post), however, I'm still having trouble reconciling this concept. Here are the pertinent circumstances:
  • I currently have FTP set at 270 (based on NP from a few hard 60 min crits early in the season, April - May).
  • I've done some rides with a much higher 60 min NP (in the 290's). However, these rides are generally very "bursty", with a bunch of 30s-1min all out efforts. These rides are either 30 second sprint workouts with recovery, 1 min hill repeats with recovery, or just going out and just riding as hard as I can for a given duration.
  • These rides generally include some time at stop lights, as there are very few continuous stretches of road in my area of suburbia.

My concerns are that, if I set my FTP at 290, I will be:
  1. Emphasizing my AWC/NMP systems too much in setting my levels and that will cause overall TSS/CTL to be understated.
  2. However, a fair amount of my rides are "bursty" (the weekly club groupride, weekend races, weekly sprint workout, etc.), so that my steadier-state rides that occur 1-2 times a week won't really matter in the overall CTL "forest" compared to the other "trees" in there.
  3. My other levels heading into the fall (where I do more SST/Tempo work of longer, steadier rides) will be overstated.

Just wondering what everybody else thinks. I've been considering trying out a coach when I can afford it in several months or, at least, paying for a consultation where one would review my history of files and tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'm hoping that some of the people on here can at least give me some guidance until that point.

Also, I have attached my PMC for reference, with the 10 best 60 min NP's on there (the black line/square plot points).

Thanks in advance,

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