What is a Day Licence



When I entered for the Numbi Classic last Saturday they charged me R65-00 for the entry. We got our numbers and went to warm up. We then received a cellular call asking us to come and pay another R20-00 because they made a mistake. Upon enquiry they said it was for a day licence. I told them that I belong to a club (Elim CCC in Gauteng North) and I showed them my permanent number with the 2002 sticker on it. This did not help and my entry came to R85-00. I do not understand this because my club is affiliated to the SACF. Why did I have to buy a "day licence". I do not buy a license when I take part in a race in Central Gauteng. I find this very strange. I must reiterate that I did not mind paying R85-00 for the race because this was what they advertised and the race was very well organised and marshalled with a very nice medal as well.

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As far as I know you only need a day license if you're racing a licensed category. Perhaps the tandem race had a licensed section that they assumed you were doing?

Maybe they looked at your legs and thought - woes china must be a licensed oke in training :D

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