What is a GOOD place to LIVE in Aussie for ROAD CYCLING?


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Dec 29, 2004
My wife and I are considering moving over the 'ditch' to live in Aussie.
We're doing it for work, and a change of life.

I'm a teacher so I have a range of options location wise for jobs.
I'm thinking South Australia(or possibly WA) would be good - somewhere interesting, away from big cities etc.
I've looked up road cycling clubs in SA and also WA too.

I am prepared to gravitate 'down':eek: to MTBing but my first cycling love is roadracing/training.
My wife(God bless her:)) is just leaving it up to me to look/consider and isn't fussed re anywhere - yet!

So, what towns/small cities should I/we start considering in thinking about moving?
I was there when I was 18 - looked nice at the time(many years ago).
RIDE magazine did a feature on cycling in Canberra the other year. Seems to have a good scene but really(!) cold in winter(but still they ride).
I'll check it out. :)

thomas_cho said:
I can't think of Newcastle without the song popping in to my head. I'd hate to meet a '7 tall Hells Angel !!:eek:

keybladex said:
its pretty good here in newcastle
Albert 50 said:
Darwin isn't any good....apparently :rolleyes:
I think Darwin would be good. I could settle for blue skies right about now....

If there is one month of the year when Melbourne sucks a big schlong its August IMO.
stevebaby said:
And as every Newcastle boy knows..... :D
What about Adelaide? Am moving there in a few months and hope the road scene is good!
Let's see now......

Sydney - road chaos, most expensive place on earth to live, thinks they have less rain than Melbourne but don't.
Brisbane - More bogan country town than city, no relevant culture to speak of, too many retirees.
Adelade - Everyone is too stoned to be any good at anything, cops some seriously bad and hot weather, can't get a decent coffee no matter what you try.
Hobart - Too cold, too hilly, to hillbilly.
Darwin - Priced to suit mining company employees, too hot to do anything except drink beer.
Canberra - Full of bureaucrats, worst weather in the country, full of bureaucrats.
Melbourne - None.

Choice is clear ;)
There's a good scene here in Wagga. We're blessed with not much traffic and a good variety of roads, plus a strong contingent of keen roadies and MTBers. There are also plenty of good schools.

The best bit: roadies, triathletes and MTBers all get on really well together and there's a lot of crossover.

And in case any of you big city boys feel the need to bag Wagga, look outside your windows and count the traffic jams and cars.

Canberra is excellent on the cycling front too if you want somewhere a bit bigger. I still have fond memories of suffering on the Bakery Ride...
Some girl wants me to move to Port Macquarie. Reckons its like cycling heaven yada yada. I'm sceptical though. Its a bloody long way to go for a dud root.
Geoff Vadar said:
Some girl wants me to move to Port Macquarie. Reckons its like cycling heaven yada yada. I'm sceptical though. Its a bloody long way to go for a dud root.
Port Mac is a hole - and be careful, did she say cycling or bike riding?

'Coz there's some ripper roads up there for motorcycles and STi's :cool:
Well you could be right because I've been told property values have actually fallen there?? If that is the case I may even be able to seel my caravan, move there and upgrade to a portable cabin on stumps with patio.

I dont want to get greedy though.
Jono L said:
Like a massive housing estate inside a freezer.

Well its only cold (relatively) what 6 mths of the year? :D

Rest of the time, there is a great network of cycle paths, on and off the roads. A world class (I think) MTB track at Stromlo.

I have been quite miserable this winter. With the right gear, I still rode in below zero mornings ..... Its a nice smallish city with great infrastructure.