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Discussion in 'rec.sport.unicycling' started by Golden Chicken, Jul 22, 2004.

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    It's a full family tandem...or, to use a word I just made up

    Looks like dad is in the back, mom is in the middle, and junior is up
    front. Notice dad (or mom, if she's in the back) does all the work.
    The middle wheel doesn't even touch the ground and the tricycle style
    wheel up front is driven by junior's little baby legs and you know his
    feet are just on the pedals for show.

    Perhaps the middle wheel does touch the ground, due to the whole thing
    flexing and bending under the weight of the middle rider. Just don't
    tell mom that, if she's the middle rider.


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    Looked to me like the middle wheel was in contact with the rear wheel at
    least. Thus, everyone riding that is contributing... perhaps it's
    designed to promote teamwork... with no freewheeling, one person
    pedaling backwards could really pi$$ off the other two ;)

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