What is OCTALINK ?



On the cranks of my 'Dura-Ace equiped new bike above the dura-ace logo it says gow=red,2,300]"Octalink[/glow]. what is that? a special type of chain ?

Octalink is the somewhat new Shimano BB/crank system. See, the BB is splined, not square tapered like the outdated Campy BBs (hehehe ;D). It has 8 splines, hence the name OCTALINK. Gee, Shimano really has a lot of innovations eh?

BTW, nice choice of components. If you have any trouble with the D/A BB, just get an Ultgrea BB.

At the moment I ride Campy but reckon my next gruppo will be a Shimano.....after all they invented:

index gears
sti levers
7, 8 then 9 speed
cartridge bb's
triple chain rings

Campag make classy stuff that lasts for years but they copied it all of the Japs....
Well said Eldron! And who said that Shimano stuff does not last? Most of my fellow cyclists run 80's era Shimano stuff (DT shifters) that still works for them. Just take care of your stuff, and it will last a long time ;D
stop spreading shimano propaganda on this forum hhehe ;D

IMO - the 9 speed stuff is quite good, but the 8 speed stuff is nothing but junk.

Steve, maybe it's a good idea to automatically change all 'SHIMANO' words to 'CUCK'! ;D ;)
:mad: :mad:
no change campagnolo it Cam Pag NO NO ;D ;D
ps hows your polar goin steve?
8 speed shimano is complete and utter junk, I might see if I can get some photos of my POS shimano 600/DA group, it was f'd after 3 months (about 10,000km) since the group was about 3 months old it has taken 3-4 clicks to go up one cog, down shifting has always been perfect. For the last three months i havent been able to get the big ring without trying 5 or 6 times. Mind you i've been through about 3 rear leavers and two front leavers (all last only a few months)......again 8 speed shimano is complete and utter **** IMO