What is the best bike out of the factory?




Just wondering what everyone thinks, what is the best road bike that comes out of the factory?

I don't mean a bike which you've bought and then added certain parts to it. Only bikes which have come straight out of the box.

Giant TCR Zero? Cannondale R5000? What else?

I personally like the TCR Zero, but I have a bias for Giant frames.
I haven't ridden any, but the GIants get my vote based solely on price and spec.
Giants are good for their money, i'd have one over my cannondale R900.

yes thats sweet my new bike will have that frame but in a differnt color. ps check this out
from cycling news:Giant's carbon TCR project is looking sleeker by the year and should very soon appear in a bike shop near you.

that looks sweet, though the seet looks like its so skinny it will probe unwanted places ;)
I would be quite happy with any of the bikes mentioned so far ;D
I'd really like a Pinarello Prince or perhpas something from Litespeed ;D
Only two in it for me:

Litspeed Ultimate (Robbie Mcewens sprint bike of choice)

Cannondale R500Si (must be the new CAAD7 design - new lighter aluminium developed with Alcoa and a tube set that's been bent, moulded, tweaked and profiled in every square millimetre)
I'll have the LiteSpeed Vortex thanks. Apparently slightly stiffer rear triangle while being just as comfortable as the Ultimate due to the curved seat stays.