What it is with chicago besides affirmative action.

Jun 6, 2006
It is a strongly Catholic town, at least on the surface of it. However, I get the feeling some corruption has crept in.

Many people here are European with Black heritage, and I sense that it may drive a system of corruption in the city and the outlying feeder schools in communities with ties to the place that send their young men and women here.

I had to vote Libertarian this election because I am guessing that the county DT is from was run to facilitate their system and he is a powerful person in it.

Essentially, I suspect some of the schools hire less than professional teachers who may be trapped in their jobs by exigencies such as felonies or no security. I don't have any evidence, just a feeling. They are manipulated into thinking they are not being taken advantage of, but instead, they have to donate their careers because society didn't want them.

Because they belong to one of the protected groups like being a little black or being female, when in fact they may simply have been poorly prepared themselves except for the subject they were intended to teach. Strategically selected shortcomings in other words.

I suspect such personnel build the sense of oppression by "proving" the whiter males among the children aren't that smart. They may sincerely believe it and are not equipped or perhaps inclined to perform genuine evaluations.

The point is to help the protected classes maintain a system in which they get jobs.

The long and the short of it is, it creates a class of women who like to be in charge but don't necessarily deserve to be. However, they soon have a lot of powerful friends because they don't really like the subservient men who they channel and who protect them.

Oh, and the Church shouldn't be a gang. It shouldn't be there to obtain what you want through mob action.

I remain a believer and am praying for this nonsense.


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Nov 5, 2020
In united state the election condition is not good. people are in hope that trump is losing as maggie haberman twitter has tweet that he is going to lost this election.