What kind of bike for an older person getting started?


May 28, 2016
I just sold an old single speed because it had been sitting in the garage for almost 10 years with no one riding it. It needed help.

Now, I'm looking to get back into cycling, but I'm so out of shape!

Should I go with a single speed again? What options do I have?
Depends on your price range, I guess. But I wouldn't worry about it, most bikes (on the higher end of the price spectrum) are pretty sturdy and would be of use to you, and you can also get recommendations from the vendors themselves. Make sure to get safety equipment such as elbow and knee pads, since you mentioned you are getting old, and you definitely should protect your joints from damage in case you take a bad fall.
It all depends what you want to do with it. I wouldn't advice a race- or mountain bike for elder people though. You sit kind of far forward, as you can see in my avatar. It's not that healthy for your back and will get painful quick if you aren't used to it. I would look into something standard that sits upright with a few different speeds. A vendor should be able to advise you nicely, try out a few and pick what suits you the best.
I agree with the others that it depends on your budget and your intention. But I guess you would just be riding inside the village and for a leisure ride, the traditional single speed would be just fine. Besides, as what @NDI2 had in the avatar, a racer bike would make you uncomfortable. And for my usual recommendation, go to a bike store and try out their bikes. The test ride is important to me because it will give you the feel if you would be comfortable or not. A single speed is much cheaper than fancy bikes although for myself, I have to admit that I would prefer a mountain bike if only for its thick tire.
I think The best bicycles for riders over 60 are all about comfort. Because so many people age 60 and older often have physical issues to contend with, riders should consider bicycles with features that reduce stress on your body. Look for bicycles with comfortable saddles and designs that keep you upright as much as possible. You must consider the comfort a bike saddle will provide your "sit bones".
I would recommend a folding bike for an older beginner. They have low bars so you can get on and off easier, and they're comfortable to ride. They're also much easier to transport around so you can fold them up and put them in the boot, and take them to a quiet area to practice while you get used to it.