What makes road cycling fun and interesting for you?

What makes road cycling fun and interesting for me is that it is really an enjoyable recreation activity especially if you do cycling with your older brother together with his friends, I have no friends who are fond of cycling tho, we make quality time through cycling and our bonding as sister and brother get stronger. We usually join cycling event so there will be also a thrill.
I'm actually a mountain biker myself, but I enjoy road cycling for similar reasons. In fact, most of my daily biking trips are about 50% road biking and 50% mountain/off-road biking.

I like mountain biking because of the variation in terrain, as well as being able to spend time outdoors and among the trees. I like road biking because of the lack of variation in terrain, which makes for a more relaxing joyride. I live in a rural area though, so even my road biking involves a degree of nature, as my town is surrounded by open fields and valleys.

When I have a smooth road to just pedal down, I can relax my mind and take in the scenery. Mountain biking involves way more concentration and strength, which can be fun but certainly not relaxing, at least not in the moment.
Road cycling to me is both fun and interesting because of the variety of people I meet on the road and the scenoc places I've reached. Also the funny things I see on the street all of these outweight whatever hassles and dangers cycling may give me.
Sometimes when I'm on the road I would see some great jerseys worn by cyclist, one time I saw a group wearing superhero costumes of Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America. And whenever holloweens near, a lot of Jason and Freddie masks and Reaper costumess can be seen being worn by some cyclists. I don't really go for theatrics though. But i like seeing people wearing interesting jerseys when I'm on the road. I found this one, it's nothing special but I like the message.


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Seeing something out of the ordinary and sometimes crazy things on the road keeps my ride interesting and entertaining. Here there's a lot of vehicles being used for unusual things here's a photo of a motorcycle carrying a bunch of heavy lumber, which is quite dangerous because of the balance needed to carry such load.


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Sometimes cycling gives me a good laugh seeing some crazy signs in the streets,and roadsides that are quite funny.o_O
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Road cycling is fun because of the atmosphere. All we really ever need is an active imagination. If you can see the beauty of your area despite its flaws, then every ride is a worthwhile experience.
I really like to watch ne nature or houses around the road. I think that cycling is really about the adventure and the beautiful and interesting things you can see around yourself.
I couldn't agree more. For me cycling is all about adventures and discovering new things. :)
I think the environment, the people, and weather specially if you going to use your bike in some isolated provinces in our country. I feel like I'm flying when I'm using my bike and here's come the strong wind. I feel safe and comfortable.
Cycling at some point is like riding a motorcycle, only difference is that you exert more effort in cycling. But both activities offer some great sites and views as well as a feeling of freefom.

I for one takes pleasure in feeling the wind on my face and body during my rides and there's always the feeling of adventure, danger and uncertainty that keeps my adrenalin pumping whenever I ride my bike.

There's a lot of good things that you'll see and good people you'll meet in the road that makes cycling a unique and wonderful experience.
It's time for some relaxing scenes on a boat fishing ...before a big race in the province, I just wanna enjoy the summer with some great views.
What makes cycling fun to me is that it lets me see different kinds of people who are in to cycling at the same time. It helps me go to places where I have been when I was a child in our neighborhood which makes me nostalgic and happy as well.

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