What nutritional supplements do the pro's take?

Discussion in 'Health Nutrition and Supplements' started by bstay, Aug 23, 2003.

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    Aug 1, 2003
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    Are there any ex-pro riders or other knowledgeable people who knows what the pro's take? We all know that some of them take EPO and other illegal substances, and amphetamin, cocaine and other hard core drugs used to pass through the system of the old-days professional peleton. However, nowadays you always read lots about big stashes of medical garbage being thrown into bins along the route of big races. Needles, bottles, etc. When tested they're often just vitamins and other stuff, but I always wondered what it actually is that's administered to the riders.

    NOTE!!! This is not an anti-drug thread. I actually want to know in which way do the team doctors care for the riders with nutrition and supplements. How much to they get, and how do they get it?