What other biking subreddits or websites do you follow?


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Dec 22, 2020
United States
I run my bike shop's social media and online presence and I'm always looking for interesting online content to share. So what other bike related outlets do you follow? What do your favorite bike shops do with their online profiles that you like? What do they do that you don't like? How do you like to see local bike shops engaging with their customers online?
Forums are worldwide, so for some local city bike shop to engage with their local community through a bike forum would be impossible since there may not be anyone from that community that goes on a forum, and if there is someone they may not frequent the forum the bike shop is on.

The only thing a bike shop might try doing is become a member of a large forum and then advertise in the store and on the store's website that they are on that forum, and then maybe you might get some local response.

Although it may be wiser to start your own YouTube channel, advertise that, and then locals can go to the channel and watch videos and ask questions. Of course, a YouTube channel should be professionally done and not some of the amateur **** I've seen. Like I've seen reviews of products, pumps in particular, oh look at all the features this lovely pump has that we sell, great except they didn't demonstrate how well it worked, like showing us inflating a completely flat tire and counting the strokes it took to get to say 100psi for example, or even if the pump can make it to 100 psi which most mini pumps cannot! So if you're going to do a review make it practical so we can see the thing actually works and how well it works. Of course, if a pump fails then the bike shop looks bad and may have to find another brand of the pump to sell! But then at least if that happened and the bike shop has to find a better line of pumps then they can assure their customers that the pumps they carry actually work as advertised. And this applies to other products as well.