What pedals should I get?


Aug 11, 2001
I want to get myself a new set of pedals. Currently I have Wellgo's on my bike, but would like to go for something wider. I saw a pair of Look's today that seemed to be what I want, but was then presented with a pair of Exus pedals that looked the same but were half the price. What is a good pedal in your opinion? What ya guys reckon?

These are my Wellgo's:

These are the Exus pedals:

These are the Look's:
VO 2

I am not much of a rocket scientist, how do you get the photos on your posting. ??? ??? ???

I use MTB SPD type clipless pedals. They are to narrow and create a "hot spot" on the ball of my foot on the longer races. Will have to get Look type pedals as soon as the shock of buying the tandem wears off.

Did the 94,2 course today, lot of wind and a tough course. I am tired tonight ::) ::) ::)

Your loops have been posted.

Big H
My Wellgo's are'nt that narrow and they have'nt given me any hassles at all, but I want something wider.

(Big-H, I'll keep my eye out for the loops - thanks once again 8)
I've added a topic under the Tell us what you think forum regarding the images)
I use PD-5500s, they're similar to the Dura-Ace SPD-Rs, but are on the level of 105. I do get hotspots using these pedals, but according to some people I've spoken to, it is because my shoes aren't stiff enough (Shimanos with just a plastic sole). Also, they were quite difficult to get out off, causing me to fall more than a few times. Lubing the pedals after every 3 or 4 rides cured the problem.

The Looks look great, why not try the Times too? I think they are bigger than the Looks.
I'd go the Look's

But then i've always used Looks and don';t know any different ;D
Ever notcied everyone with time pedals always has trouble gettign into them?

The Exus and Look's are virtually the same size (I physically compared them). The Exus pedals were abit lighter, but the Looks had a cool quick adjuster at the back of the pedal that allows you to adjust the release tension without using an allen-key. But, is this feature worth double the price of the Exus pedals?
Look also sells a pedal that does not have the quick-adjust thingy at the back of the pedal.

Between the Looks and the Exus, I'd go for the Looks. They're tried and tested pedals you would not go wrong with.
Got myself the Look's without the adjuster for half the price. The adjuster does not justify an extra R300 imo.

Well, let me tell you - I am a HUGE Speedplay fan (only tried MTB version).

Here's a good customer service story:
I picked up a second pair of frogs on ebay for like half price. They seemed to be in decent shape but the weirdest thing, the spindle was too big for a standard pedal wrench. I brought it to my LBS and they said, "yeah, that's bizarre." So I called Speedplay. They said, send them to us and we'll call you when they are fixed?! Ok, great! They called me and said the pedals were actually in bad shape on the inside and they had never been properly maintained. Long story short, they fixed them up and they are sending them back to me FREE OF CHARGE!

Now that's service!!

I'm a Time man myself....

The advantages as I see them (road pedals):
More movement - side to side as well as 'twist' (Look, Exus etc are limited to twist only)
Foot closer to pedal - because the cleats fit 'around' the pedal your foot ends up closer to the pedal axle improving energy transfer. Only true if you have Time shoes too.
Greater surface area - reduces 'hot spots' and increases comfort (looks have good surface area but SPD's are lacking)

Some disadvatages - no spring adjustment, once the spring has 'relaxed' you have to have it changed - apparently it's quite expensive (mine lasted 20,000km before the spring was shot).
Cost - they're probably the most expensive pedals on the market.
Compatibility - most shoes need adaptors to fit Time pedals

If you need proof - a certain Mr. Indurain won a tour or two on them....
I had a look at the Time's, but they were too expensive. I also don't have Time shoes. I like the surface area of the Look's. I will give you guys some feedback once I start riding them.

MBC - I've never seen or heard of Speedplay pedals. Impressive features, I must say. I wonder if there is a supplier in SA?

I like the Speedplay idea - minimalist and light.

One question - what does the cleat look like? The shape of the pedals it looks like the cleat must be HUGE!
I'm not really sure what the road cleat looks like - but yeah, my FROG cleat is very wide - I had to dremel my shoes to make it fit - but well worth it!
I had used time pedals for the last 7 years and loved'em!  A friend of mine has been using Speedplay, and gave me 2 pair.  Initally the increased float (25 Degrees!) took a little getting use too, but I've seen the light! (In my mind, their is no better pedal).  The only issue i've had with them is the combination of a short spindle and extreem float will cause right heel to hit the bottom stay of the rear triangle.  (This has been address by Speedplay in 2 ways; they sell a version w/ longer spindles, and have come out w/an adj. model,  "ZERO" which will allow you to adj. the float from 0 to 15 degrees limiting heel movement in or out). My friend uses this model with the long spindles and has been pleased so far.  A side benifit to the extreem float: I've had to start concentrating on my pedal stroke/cadence, to keep from hitting my right heel, thus improving my pedal stroke overall!  



I believe the pedal to spindle distance with the Speedplay is a close as any system on the market.
I use Look pedals on my road bike and time on my MTB. I used to use Shimano SPDs (MTB) but found them to give alot of pressure into my foot. When I broke one of the cleats by landing on a rock, I decided to go the time route.

I have converted to time as far as MTB is concerned. The clip and cleat design is very simple and you get into and out of the pedals easily. I also don't unclip as much in jumps, a problem I experienced with the shimano.

In terms of the Look system, I have only the following complaint. The cleats wear out quite quickly coz they're plastic, and you can't use a recessed sole'd shoe. When they get worn, you can pull your foot out of the pedals when pulling hard, (like on a sprint). Happened to me twice. Other than that, I don't experience pressure, or difficulty clipping in or out of the pedal. I've heard the Campag pedals are rubbish, even though they really look the business. sigh.


probably depends who you talk to, i know a few people who love them. I"ve never tried them, but i'm tempted to buy them next time round ;)
personally i use shimano SPD-R pedals at the Ultegra level. i have found these to be magnificent with size as my previous pedals were of the MTB spd style and did create a hot spot on longer rides but i also believe this is due in part to the stiffness of the sole of the shoes. The shimanos also had a very strong spring, which i found excellent for my preffered racing (sprinting) but could be a little unpopular for the more recreational based cyclist. On the topic of the Exus vs Look i think (not sure) that the Exus pedals use a bush in the place of the bearing system. this may save weight and cost but in the long term could prove to be the downfall in reliability. By the way the adjustable dial on the back of the looks is for "Float" and not release tension. Definitely a selling point.
I like the Speedplay idea - minimalist and light.

One question - what does the cleat look like? The shape of the pedals it looks like the cleat must be HUGE!

ok, Just bought a pair.

Yes, the cleats are MONSTERS. but it's worth it :)