What should i eat tonight

It's been almost a year since you posted this one! However, I suggest you to eat something light and nutritious tonight. Do not full yourself during dinner. Like what my nutritionist told me, during breakfast, eat like a king, during lunch, eat like a prince and during dinner, eat like a beggar. :)
Try some vegetables with bread added with milk drink. I love eating vegetables and fruits compare to the regular meal. It keeps my body in good shape.
I try to eat more healthy foods but I love the occasional PB (& J) on toast. I don't like the taste of frozen pizza, I'd rather spend on a decent pizza than eat a frozen one.
Pizza is tempting. But PB and toast is a healthier alternative. Sometimes I just have crackers before going to bed. I don't really need to eat much before sleeping. It's somewhat the same because once you wake up, you'll be hungry.
PB on toast or frozen pizza?

Forget about the peanut butter and concentrate on the pizzao_O. You can add toppings to it, whatever you have there, you can even top it with some potato chips or any kind of chips and get a bottle of hot sauce, no sense eating a pizza without ito_O

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