What size threads do these have?


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Dec 29, 2004
I want some more for my Saronni and TEAM Raleigh Ii'm restoring.

Are they 3mm or 3/6th ?

Sorry - I couldn't load the file.
They're rear dropout adjusting screws made by Campagnolo. I would've thought they'd be 3mm for Campy dropouts and 3/16th for the Raleigh ones.
M3 x 0.5 for Campy 1010B dropouts. No clue what dropouts are used on your Raleigh. Are they marked with any manufacturer's name?

Raleigh's better frames used Campagnolo, Zeus (Campy 1010B clones) and, I think, Suntour dropouts. Dropouts both with and without eyelets were used depending on the year of production, intended market and substituted due to availability.

3/16" = .1875" = 4.76 MM. That sounds a little large for a dropout adjuster screw, but...maybe?

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