What sunglasses should I get?



I'm looking to get a decent pair of sunglasses. 8) Looked at Smith, Briko, Rudy project. What have been your experiences. I need a recommendation. ;D
Oakley Racing Jackets - nuff said...


wow they look cool. if they are good too well i want some. i also realy need to get a good pair. i haven been wearing sunies cause the ones i have are ****. they slide , fog and make me look like a dork :). now lets check the price tag.............. . i think you will go twice as fast with those sunies on redhenderen  8) 8) 8) 8) ;D ;D ;D ;)
I settled on the Rudy Project Tayo. I'm impressed! Got the mother in law to chip in which made it a very affordable purchase. :) :) :) :)
Mmmm may want to look at after sales support here. I have 3 pairs of Oakleys and their support has been great. I broke the frames on all three and they replaced them free of charge. In fact my Zeros were replaced altogether, frame and lenses.

Also the lenses are brilliant. I had an opertunity to whack a lens with a hammer last weekend and there was just a small scratch where the hammer connected. Beleive me I hit it pretty hard.

I have also had the "pleasure" of testing a stone shot up from a car as I was speeding down a hill at around 60 - 70 kph. I saw this stone get thrown up from a passing car wheel. But I reacted a bit too slow and the stone bounced off my glasses. A small mark was left where the stone hit the lens but I can live with that knowing that I can still see.

This is enough proof to convince me that they are the best glasses around.
Oakley Zero 0.7. Black Iridium lenses. I wear them when cycling, running, or just hanging around. The glasses don't sit right up against your face, so they don't fog up, very comfartable and not that expensive. Try them, I find them better for overall use than the Racing Jackets as the Racing Jackets doesn't have folding earsocks, making them difficult to wear daily. :)
There is this site called soliscompany.com that sells a wide variety of sunglasses that are not as expensive at Oakleys. Maybe they'll have something that would help you. Hope I could be of help! :)
Guest said:
I'm looking to get a decent pair of sunglasses. 8) Looked at Smith, Briko, Rudy project. What have been your experiences. I need a recommendation. ;D

Well, I don't know your specific needs, but I found the answer with the
Wiley X SG-1s. I have a large head (size 8 hat) that is also what the hatters call a long oval. The temple pieces on stock frames won't reach my ears, let alone hook past them. So regular sunglasses are out.

The SG-1s:
  • have interchangeable lenses
  • are prescription lens ready
  • can be worn as goggles or sunglasses
  • have padded eyepieces
  • and are no more expensive that Oakleys or others.

They are very comfortable and I never worry about losing them. I got mine at LAPoliceGear.com. YMMV
Just got a new pair of sunglasses, and have been amazed at how important lense colour is to me. I've been wearing a pair of Oakley M-frames with a black iridium lense since the dawn of time. Here's what they look like:


Now, I just bought a pair of oakley half-jackets with a titanium lense... I actually bought them for running, but I love the colour of the lense so much that I have started wearing them cycling as well. Here's what they look like:


They remind me of my Serengetti Drivers (for in the car) because they filter out all the blue light which enhances the yellow, red, and greens... especially the greens... so, as I ride the fields just look greener, the sun sunnier, and the roses redder... which makes me want to ride more because everyday looks like a perfect day out.

Wondering if anyone else thinks lense colour is just as important as frame/style?

p.s. As you can see from the pics Oakley makes awesome frames/styles, and I should point out that both my M-frames and Half-Jackets support interchangeable lenses and a lot of frames do. But, my M-frames will probably be sitting on the shelf unless I replace the black lense.

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