What the hell happened to our newsgroup?

On May 5, 5:42 pm, [email protected] wrote:
> catzz66 <[email protected]> wrote:
> > > I'm an internet bar user so I'm basically stuck with google groups and
> > > I've basially given up trying to dig the good stuff out from under the
> > > spam.  Posted a recent mass chaos and confusion article here for old
> > > times sake but I can't barely stand to try to read the group which is
> > > a shame cause I remember there being good stuff in here.

> > I feel sorry for Marion and other legitimate posters who have to use GG.
> >   I'd be frustrated too.  With a news agent and a fairly decent news
> > reader, you can keep from seeing most of the garbage posts and spam.  It
> > is not just rbm that is getting hit.  I look at a couple others.  It
> > seems like every group I look at has spam and its share of mutts who
> > post garbage or other mutts who can't pass up replying to them.  With a
> > little regular maintenance on your filters, you can avoid most of it.

>    I'm inclined to suggest something that has worked fairly well in other
> groups.  How 'bout we begin the subject line of every legitimate thread
> with the letters RBM?  That would distinguish the real stuff from the spam
> and crossposters.  Anyone with a search feature could find it with
> relative ease.
> Bill
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There is no bulletproof solution to spam. I am a network
administrator. One of my guys spends a lot of time configuring our
corporate gateway to block spam and viruses, but never EVER block
legit email. It is like dancing on a knife edge.