What time do you wake up?

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by Guest, May 10, 2002.

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    Vo2 mentioned something in another thread that gave me the idea for this thread.

    What time does everyone get up in the morning to start training or exercising?

    I'm going to start a more vigourous routine soon which doesn't involve just cycling, gym work as well, because the winter months have started and it's too wet to ride.

    I'll probably be getting up at about 7am for that. But I'm a uni student so I'm lucky I've got late starts (they're a killer).

    What is everyone elses routine?

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    Monday - sleep in till 7:30-8:00
    Tuesday - get up at about 6am (interval session)
    Wednesday - bout 6:45 i just do an easy ride :) (hour or so)
    Thursday - 6am another interval session, then an hour on the road, will be extending this to 4 or 5 hours on the road soon, work has OK'd the morning off hehe
    friday - bludge day 7am 30-45 minutes on the road
    weekend - just get up when i wake up ;D

    btw i start work at 9am
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    Well, I ride to work every day, so I usually set off at about 7.10am. On weekends I can start as early as 5am, but often get up at 4am (need time to smother on the sunscreen, even in winter). However, my big problem seems to be sleeping in until it's time to get up :(
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    What do you work as Steve?
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    Aug 11, 2001
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    I don't wake up easily. If I do, I try and wake up just before 5, train until 6:30, and leave for work at about 7.
    After work I rush home for an interval.
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    I wake up around 7 every day to work and study. Like most people I can't do any quality work in the morning so I save it for the evening, even if its after 10 when I have time. I do most of my miles in the morning though, to get them out of the way. I'd have to change my programme if I raced early in the morning, good job I don't have to do any open TT's.
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    Monday is a rest day for me, so I get up at 6:30.
    Tuesday hard ride with the club, up at 4:20 to make the ride at 5 (including winter) ::)
    Wednesday is a recovery ride. Up at 4:30 to ride at 5:15.
    Thursday same as Tuesday. ; ::)
    Friday is another rest day. Sleep in until 6:30 ;D
    Saturday we only ride at 6, so it's up at 5:20.
    Sunday we usually go out on our MTBs, so it's a late start. Up at 6:30ish. ;D