What to do about Persistent Cystitis

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    Those of you who have experienced recurring bouts of cystitis and are
    desperately searching for an alternative to antibiotics may identify with
    Anna's story from www.d-mannose-uk.com:

    "Until I discovered the wonderful properties of D-Mannose, I suffered repeated and
    persistent infections of E.coli related cystitis over many years, with as many as six
    virulent attacks per year.

    At first, I tried the usual things, like drinking gallons of water laced with baking soda. Raw lemon
    juice (uugh!). Bottles of Robinson's Barley Water helped for a while, drinking it neat at the first
    sign of infection (not pleasant, but just bearable, and better than cystitis). High doses of raw
    garlic helped for a while.

    Fortunately, I have a very supportive partner, and he has sat up all night with me, feeding me the
    most disgusting concoctions, and gallons of water, and occasionally, we managed to beat the
    infection, and do without antibiotics.

    straight into an operating theatre and perform open heart surgery.

    The thing I gradually realised was that I was not being reinfected, I was simply succumbing to the
    same infection that was getting stronger and stronger every time. E.coli lives in the body
    naturally, but as you continue to take antibiotics your immune system gets weaker all the time,
    until even becoming slightly run down, as from missing some sleep, can cause a recurrence of the

    Gradually, the infections got worse, and it eventually came to the point with each infection when
    there was no option but to approach the doctor for antibiotics.

    This was when things began to get really bad. For some reason, many doctors don't seem to take
    women's infections with cystitis seriously. The number of lectures I've had from young male doctors
    telling me to wipe my bottom from front to back... I mean, does any girl reach the age of four
    without learning that one?

    Already having fought an infection and failed, when I eventually gave in and decided that I needed
    antibiotics, I needed them then and there. I never went for antibiotics until I realised that the
    infection had got as far as my kidneys, but doctors would insist on a urine sample, and refuse
    antibiotics until that had been checked. So I'd have to wait days in pain, with my kidneys getting
    more damaged, and causing me more pain with with each passing day. We are not just talking sore here
    - it was agony. If I gave in to the need for antibiotics on a Friday, it would usually be Monday
    before I could get an appointment. Then, maybe two more days before the urine test results came
    back, and I'd get the antibiotics.

    To be fair, some doctors treated me better than this. But it's not easy, and I think I've gone
    through about seven doctors to find one who understood the pain and dangers of cystitis.

    But even then, they'd prescribe the lightest possible antibiotic, and that would fail to kill the
    infection, so when I went back they'd give me more of the same. But an antibiotic that has failed to
    beat an infection will never again work, because the bacterium has built up a resistance to that
    antibiotic. If you attack it with more of the same, as a general rule, it just becomes more

    You can see the pattern beginning... my infections got worse and worse. The doctor's well-meaning
    insistence on the lowest possible dose of antibiotics caused increasingly resistant strains of
    E.coli. It takes a bit of focusing in on, this point - obviously it's not a good thing to give
    antibiotics as a general rule, and obviously it is better to give as low an effective dose of
    antibiotics as possible, and as innocuous an antibiotic as possible that works, but when you get
    down to the individual patient, you can't apply these rules non-specifically. There are too many
    variables. (I know doctors in the NHS just don't have the time to look very carefully at what's
    going to work, and what's not).

    Soon, nothing would cure my infections but the hardest, toughest, kill or cure broad-spectum
    antibiotics that have the most appalling side-effects, and have left me with persistent abdominal
    pain, and all the symptoms of IBS.

    Anyway, it was after a very bad episode of cystitis, and treatment with 7 days of a Fluoroquinolone-
    based broad-spectrum antibiotic that I realised I was in serious trouble. The infection hadn't gone
    away. Doctors couldn't give me anything more powerful. My kidneys were failing. I would drink
    gallons, and issue a tiny cupful. My liver was also failing, from the effects of the antibiotic, and
    I had huge abdominal bloating, and extreme pain. Basically, I was at the end of my tether.

    Fortunately, that was the day that our first shipment of Waterfall D-Mannose arrived in a parcel.

    I took one level teaspoonful in a small glass of apple juice, and, even though I had just finished
    seven days of strong antibiotics, when I went to the toilet the urine I passed smelled totally foul,
    and highly infected.

    I thought, "Oh no, I've got the cystitis worse than ever!"

    I was wrong. The foul smelling urine was caused by the D-Mannose flushing the E.coli out of my
    kidneys and urinary tract!

    Within hours of taking Waterfall D-Mannose, my symptoms were starting to abate. WIthin a day I was
    clear of cystitis symptoms. Free at last from the pain, I cried with relief.

    Now I am left with the after-effects of the antibiotic. I have damaged kidneys that still cause a
    lot of pain. I have a liver problem. I have joint pains, from calcification caused by fluoride
    poisoning from the Fluoroquinolone-based antibiotic. I have a damaged immune system that means

    and I have the comfort of knowing that a small spoonful of Waterfall D-Mannose, as a maintenance
    dose, prevents the E.coli from ever getting a grip. If I forget to take it, with my propensity for
    cystitis, I occasionally do still get the first signs, especially if I have not had enough to drink
    that day, but a spoonful of Waterfall D-Mannose has never failed to flush it out of my system.

    Doctors have known for years that D-Mannose is many times safer and more effective than antibiotics
    for treatment of E.coli based urinary tract infections, but they are mentally locked in to clinical
    treatments. In America, it's widely available. In Europe and the UK, it was next to impossible to
    get hold of, until now.

    It is for women to take responsibility for their own health, and seek out effective long-term
    solutions that do not deplete their immune system, cause side-effects that are ruinous to their
    health, or destroy the natural life-enhancing bacteria that the body needs to digest food and have a
    healthy body eco-system.

    I am convinced that Waterfall D-Mannose can play a large part in creating that healthy eco-system.
    It works for me! "

    Anna Sawkins www.d-mannose-uk.com 01904-340916
    PS: We export all over the world.

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    It did not work for me i bought 2 lots cost over £40 down the drain so to speak , i have found similar fantastic statements about D Mannose on several websites , i am very sceptical about it now and feel it is rather cruel giving people false hope and taking there hard earned money .