What was the biggest disaster of 2005?


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Jan 20, 2005
Biggest disaster?

My vote is for my performance in the Boonsboro Time Trial during late July.

Or maybe Heras testing positive in stage 20 with more than a four minute lead.
Well the Pro Tour / Grand Tour thing is interesting, but far from a disaster. Cycling will survive; the Tour will run.

For me, it's got to be Heras. What a calamity. The question is whether or not anything will change.
Ouch! You've just brought back a painful memory. Rasmussen finall TT at the Tour was beyond a disaster. My wife was practically crying watching his nervousness. Probably a bit too much caffeine that morning too.
For cycling as a whole? Heras winning then Vuelta and then caught doping. Cycling carries on as it always does, but what credibility is left?
moviekindoflife said:
lance armstrong hosting SNL
The opening segment was funny with the shuffling Disco riders, but the other 85' made me cringe.
IT has to be Heras's positive test, because this was a guy who was though of as clean, breaking the record for most wins in his home country race.

Armstrongs 99 results may be damaging to his record, but he isn't a Frenchman, where the whole country was behind him, while Heras had the entire country behind him.