What was the last thing you've bought for your bike?


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Feb 3, 2018
Mine was a new seat post, I bought a longer one because I'm using a short on and it's already extended up to the end. Just bought it the other day.
Before the injury on my leg made me stop riding, I had bought a pump to maintain the air in the rear tire which seemed to be escaping. But I was not able to use that pump much when I quit and I gave it to my nephew. I also had plans of purchasing the fancy backlight that is attached under the saddle but it did not materialize.
I think the last think I bought was a Zefal HPX frame pump, and a set of Shimano 530 pedals for my touring bike.
A Rock Bros headlight for about $35. Heard on a forum that they work well for the money.

Outlasted my 100 dollar light but very slightly not as bright. Good trade off though.
Today a bag of 30 packets of Liquid IV electrolytes. Does that count?
A second Rock Bros light. Heard it was pretty good. I bought one and it's really close to my $100 niterider. But 1/3 of the price at 32. It actually outlasted the more expensive light as far as run time.

So I bought a second one. Little bonus with the hb mount and Garmin mount.

Body is aluminum so not a bad deal.

Excellent share of equipment there . Good to hear input on the equipments looking for night gear .
The $15.00 ebay-special not bright enough . Not that I've been out at night?!!

Nice conti tires for the road bike. Did you score a pair Mr Beans ? Like to hear how they ride
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Excellent share of equipment there . Good to hear input on the equipments looking for night gear .
The $15.00 ebay-special not bright enough . Not that I've been out at night?!!

Nice conti tires for the road bike. Did you score a pair Mr Beans ? Like to hear how they ride
Been riding Conti for 20+ years. Always been a good ride. Tried other expensive models, Specialized , Vittoria, a few others.
Always come back to Conti. Latest 5000 model, had really good luck with them. Not one flat and sidewalls seem to be stronger than past versions. Current rear tire just about to go bald and not one flat. I'm impressed over the last couple thousand miles.
I do only order online where I get them for about 45 bucks give or take. Can't see paying 80 at a local shop.
recently bought a set of pedals for my new XC trail bike , a Scott Scale 970. Had to compromise
( yeah it's a hardtail )
For anything but very technical riding I prefer step-in pedals off road.
The pedals are "eggbeaters" , by crank bros. Had reservation on this obscure four- sided design. First ride out had to cross several streams - the eggbeaters saw some fairly nasty muck from creek bed. Had several rides now varied terrain.
Pedals working out well had not once unintentionally released on me ,found if I just place shoe- foot over spindle after a revolution or two my weight over the pedals engages them without fuss. I've got the provided platform pedals if I decide to go to a bike park or am practicing manuals and wheelies .
This is my first 29er.! OMG.
I'd been out of the scene for 26 years , as far as MTB. Will not ride 26" again.
Some of same trails as I'd done decades back, but with little braking and sooo much traction from the 29" tires.
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I generally like to take care of my bike, starting with buying new brakes and installing them.
Ran into a neighbor riding his bike the other night. He's fell upon some hard times since covid. He had a really cheesy front light barely enough to be seen.

So I gave him the Rock Bros light I posted above mount and all. I only used it once so in great shape. He was really happy.

Gave me a reason to buy myself this day after Christmas gift to myself.

The last thing I bought for my bike, a month ago was a 'headless' aluminum Zoom seatpost suspension at a LBS for only $1.00 !!!:D. The thing sells at least $6 on Alibaba. I was cautious at first but the headless post unit looks identical to the Alibaba product. Already put over 200 km on it over the bumpiest, most damaged roads on the planet and it is quite surprisingly good quality for a very suspiciously cheap product. Seller probably probably got it from an abandoned cargo ship, who knows!

It's perfect. I didn't really want the one with head unit due to setback offset. I want to be able to use my classic type clamp on head unit so I can give it a proper forward offset to have Time Trial saddle position and nearly all headed suspension posts are using setback offset.

I recently purchased the 700C Superior gravel bike tire and have been very impressed with its performance. The tire offers excellent grip on all types of terrain, including loose gravel, dirt, and even pavement. I've noticed a significant improvement in my bike's handling and stability since switching to these tires. Additionally, the tire's durable construction has held up well to some rough and rugged rides. Overall, I highly recommend the Superior gravel bike tire for anyone who enjoys off-road riding or gravel grinding.
Another set of rock btos gloves. And a couple orders of under helmet beanie head wrap things. Rock Bros gloves only 14 bucks but I've enjoyed them much more than my name brand 30+ gloves.
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