What was the last thing you've bought for your bike?

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Well, ordered a pair of black bibs shorts. Don't care for bibs so I went with the shorts. $67 after shipping and tax. Supposed to be inexpensive good quality stuff, hope so.

Then today, figured I'd treat myself. Been thinking about a new Terry fly. Used to get these things back in 2006 for $60. Now they're $180 Wtf!

But new shorts on the way, why not a new saddle?



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Dec 7, 2022
I bought a new saddle too! It's called 'Ventilator Shenanigans'' I'm not sure. I bought it for $4 new at the LBS. Rockbros have the exact same saddle at $8 in the LBS. It's the casual/commuter type saddle that is extra wide, lots of cushion, and even had rubber shock absorbers at the rails. I went for the cheaper knock off because I'm not sure it's going to work out.

It looks totally out of place on a bike with drop bar.... But my butt is getting mighty tired of our 'cheese grater' quality roads here in the Philippines that is even way bumpier than the gravel roads in USA. It can get awful towards the end of long rides. I don't care if it's ugly as long as it can isolate my butt from the bumps! I've tested it in two short rides so far. And so far, it's massive improvement over traditional road saddles in comfort. I felt way more confident with bike handling because I'm no longer bouncing all over the bike over the bumps. I even got faster which is a welcome improvement. It feels literally like sitting in a sofa!

I probably won't recommend it to heavier riders. The foam/cushion used is pretty soft. The plastic structure also flexes easily. It feels just right to me but I only weigh 115 lbs. It will probably be too soft for heavier riders. It looks real big too. If a traditional road saddle is a fighter plane, this saddle is a mothership! It looks very odd on a drop bar bike. But one great thing going for it, damping is impeccable for such cheap suspended product. No bouncing at all!

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