What was your longest ride?

A lot of people posted time spent, but they left out the distance. I think it is important to include distance when you are talking about a long ride. If you take forever to go a short distance I don't think it really counts as your longest ride.
And here I was, feeling all great 'cause I rode 80km recently :( It was a group ride to a nearby fishing village.

Where I live there aren't much destinations that are nearby, the closest city is 200kms away and I'm not sure I'd survive that trip yet, lol.
Wow! 80Km is really great. My longest has been only 30-25km and I guess that you did an amazing job.
Hmmm! I can't remember but I think it must be when I ride with my girlfriend because I feel much energy when she is with me.We just talk a lot and keep cycling to be fit.
Keep cycling and be fit.
It's great that when she is with you, you feel lots of energy. By the way, can you state your longest ride?
They've just said they can't remember, and at least they're being honest about it, so there's no need to try and push them into making a distance up for no reason, haha!

A lot of the time I just get on the bike and ride myself, without actually knowing how many miles I've covered or how long I've been out for. For me they can be the best rides aswell as cycling is all about freedom for me, so not having to know is also a good thing.
In my longest ride, I covered around 100 miles. I remember the scens and I must say that view as beautiful. It took me 5 hours to reach the destination. It was a non-stop continuous ride. I was actually riding with my dad. It was really a wonderful journey.
I rode 768 miles straight from Paris to Brest and back to Brest. The first night was easy but the second night was cold.


That's really amazing. 768 miles driving is really insane! I can't even think about driving that much. My highest is only 100 miles. I think you would have stopped many times in between the cycling session. How much total time it took for the entire ride from Paris to Brest and back to Brest?
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12 kilometers to and from the house to the school. Yes, my school back then was pretty far, and there were lots of time so I figured instead of taking the train or bus, I would have more fun using my bike and riding to and from school all the way. It took hours and lots of sweat, but hey, it was a fun afternoon, and it was good exercise too. Did I ever do it again? Absolutely not :D
I can't spend my entire day biking but I think the longest ride I had is that when I was a kid, riding with my friends around our village. we were just having a good time back then, we have no certain place to go. Fortunately we did not get lost.
I can't really remember. I think it was a 4-hour ride. Not sure. Probably more than that. I don't really take note of the time I've been spending for biking nor the distances. Because usually, I go slow.
My longest would have to be a few hours. I usually just ride my bike to spend free time and have a relaxing means of transport whenever I'm not in the hurry.

It's freeing. The cool wind feels nice as you move through different locations. It's a great way to spend time outdoors.
My longest ride so far is around 80 miles with our group of bikers from the university. It was a fun trip and it was a long time ago and I didn't really expect to be able to do it at that time but it's surprisingly easy when you're with a group.
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