What's been your best trip?

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    Aug 16, 2007
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    I’m pretty new to cycle touring and I’m looking for some help with advice on some great trips to go on for people who are fit but not yet great riders. Though I’m new to cycling I’m a diving instructor, so I’m not unfit. In my diving capacity I’m involved with a new website: www.worldreviewer.com where I’ve listed some of my top diving spots, in my expert opinion and I was hoping you guys could add some of your top cycling trips here: http://www.worldreviewer.com/experiences/cycling/ cause their list so far is pretty rubbish. It’s for new guys who haven’t come across proper cycling sites. Anyway if anyone is really keen to become an expert like me, let the editor know, if you’re an expert you’re allowed to have links back to your own projects if you have any.
    Anyway thanks for your help, let me know if you need any advice on where to dive…