What's going on with race

Jun 6, 2006
There are two facts which must be understood in order to grasp what is going on with race in America.

The first is that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 has been interpreted by most states to mean that employers had to hire the same proportion of qualified minorities as are present in the surrounding area. Colleges often choose or are required to admit a certain quota of minority applicants from the applicant pool.

The other fact is that although National Geographic revealed in its August 2019 issue the fact that almost all persons of European descent are at least 10-30% East African, some ethnicities knew it long ago and self-identify as black. Picture Greta Thunberg or Eddie Van Halen, although I don't know how those individuals identify or identified.

It is all about the fact that these ethnicities, who are European but also a bit black, can move to the big city or other areas with a lot of blacks and have an easier time getting in to colleges or getting their kids into colleges. Most colleges admit students from the surrounding area unlike schools of national renown like Harvard or Yale, so living in a heavily black area gives these ethnicities an advantage when it comes to college admissions and scholarships.

These ethnicities count towards an employer's black hiring quota, so they often get better jobs.

In the late 19th and early to mid 20th centuries, all sorts of people including rural blacks moved to the city to look for work in industry and found it. Later in the 20th century, however, it became possible to get direct cash assistance from the government which may have caused many to flee low paying agricultural work in rural communities and come to the big city.

Whether or not it's because of systemic racism, some sources online claim inner city public schools in some areas graduate around 40% of their students without functional literacy skills even though they are spending roughly 5 times per student more than the amount that stopped making a difference in their standardized test scores.

The slightly black European ethnicities often favor private schools but even if they don't, public schools are committed to accommodating every student at their own talent level. They also have a stronger religious and family life and are thus the "favored blacks" for filling racial hiring quotas.

So, the big city is full of apparently qualified blacks who are apparently underemployed and wondering why life is passing them by, because some late comer European ethnicities wanted to get better access to the professional world. Meanwhile, other neighborhoods in the city have money and success.

We really should clamp down on this before some affirmative action president gets taken by surprise on a major terrorist attack, then goes nuts and starts a few useless wars trying to catch up, the debt from which may throw the country into a major recession by driving interest rates higher which CRA loan recipients won't be able to pay when they miss a few payments and their debt gets sold to some foreign country.

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