What's the deal with fixed gear city riding?


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May 15, 2021
I recently took up road biking and am getting more into the sport. I'm definitely heavily into it - after only a couple months of riding I'm going on 30 mile rides, which was surprising to me tbh.

As such, I've also been watching a lot of cycling videos, and I've seen videos such as the "Hotline" series. Go to youtube and look up "Terry Barensten Hotline" and you'll see what I mean. I cannot post links due to being too new and being filtered as spam.

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In fact, that channel has a bunch of these "Hotline" videos, which all feature fixed gear cyclists in big, congested cities, all running every red light, stop sign, cutting off pedestrians, cars, and just doing seemingly very wrecklesss and unsafe things.

But I don't see this often where I live in the road cycling community. So I wanted to ask, what is up with this? Is it a specific type of community or way of riding, to just never stop pedalling even if it puts you and others in harms way? It seems very different from standard road cycling to me, and after just seeing a cyclist get hit by a car last week and being a witness, it has me really doubting this behavior. At the same time, these riders seem quite advanced/skilled and they seem to almost never actually get hit.