What's the weather this time of year?



Where I am, it's COLD. We should have lots of snow by now, but it's been a mild winter.

I probably won't ride until April :(
Summer in SA until March/April, then it starts cooling down.
Average temp here is about 26oC
Weather here is not too bad in the winter. we get very little snow. Stays typically in the 40's durring the day most times, but we can have a spell like yesterday that it was 63 and sunny!!!!

And I got to go ride!!!! :D
Wet Wet Wet Wet Wet

Cold I don't mind
Wind I don't mind
Sunshine I love (don't see much though)

But rain drives me crazy, and that's all I see lately :( :( :(
Yep you.ve guessed it

It's still wet.

Anymore rain and Noah will come out of retirement :D
It finally stopped raining long enough to go out for a decent ride, it stopped last week for a few hours but when I went out it was virtually impossible to go anywhere because of the mud.

Today, I had chance to go for it, because of my relative inactivity the last month or two I decided to go cruise along one of the flat trails. ten miles out decided to turn around and head home and then it happened.

I suddenly remembered I'd been cycling with the wind.

Just to give you an idea of the strength of the wind there are gale force wind warnings in place in this country

Believe me when I say that despite the fact that it was flat it was sheer bloody hard work on that home ward journey.

But I cannot wait to get back out tomorrow ;D[/siz]

Okay I admit it, the above was a bit optimistic, but the bad weather did finally let up for a while today, allowing me to go out again and it was great

and I cannot wait to get out again tomorrow ;)[/siz]