What's up with OLN coverage in stage 6 today?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Kovie, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Kovie

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    Why did OLN cut away to commercial without warning with under 3 miles to the
    finish and the peleton on the verge of catching up the the lead group of 4
    in stage 6 today? Why did they roll back the tape to around 5 miles to go
    when coverage resumed? Why did they then cut away to commercial suddenly yet
    again with around 2 miles to go an a solo breakaway from the lead group in
    progress? And why, when coverage resumed, was the race all over with no word
    on that breakaway? Was this some sort of technical glitch, or is this a
    reflection of what OLN thinks of its cycling viewers? I was specifically
    watching the first repeat coverage of today's stage, so it wasn't even live.
    This is not how to cover the tour.

    And what's with the 20+ reruns of all those "Lance Chronicles" segments? Is
    it that hard to come up with new programming? How many times do we have to
    see Lance chew out "College" for making bad coffee? Is OLN a cash-poor
    takeover target?

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