What's wrong with Roberto Heras?

No, that part of the reason for Heras' poor performance in 04 and 05 TdF could possibly be, at least according to Heras and Saiz, that Heras could be a better rider during his second Grand Tour of a given calendar year (as in the Vuelta for his historical TdF-Vuelta combo) than during his first Grand Tour of a given year (as in the TdF for his historical TdF-Vuelta combo).

Therefore, if Heras' combo became (whether he tried for all three Grand Tours or not) possibly Giro-TdF, then the TdF would be his second Grand Tour in a given calendar year and he might do better. :D
yes, parody yourself why don't you :D

Heras is probably more interested in a Giro-Vuelta double :p.
Well, Roberto has finished 5th in the Tour in 2000 where he did not ride the Giro.

Also he went on to win his 1st Vuelta later that year.
Well the TDF is just not made for Heras..........he shines in the vuelta (less pressure, very few can deal with that it seems!!!!!!!!!!!!). The mountains also tend to be a lot steeper with the angliru for example (sick steep), that also favors a pure climber like Heras.

He will do the giro, because there is also less pressure and the climbs and the racing speed suits him better then the TDF! The people who shine in the giro and vuelta normally don't stand a change in the TDF; that's really a hors categorie race when it comes to racing speed, the teams, media attention etc. Can't compare it with any other race. Ofcourse there are exceptions like Basso who can perfectly do the giro and still get 2nd in the tour, but we are not talking about 'just' someone: he will win a couple of tours after LA!!!!!!

iBanesto said:
Well, Roberto has finished 5th in the Tour in 2000 where he did not ride the Giro.

Also he went on to win his 1st Vuelta later that year.
After the recent hiring by Saiz of Vino, I doubt that Heras will even be co-leader in the TdF. Heras either doesn't ride, or rides as Vino's mountain domestique. The reason is that Vino has emphasized throughout the self-promotion process leading up to the signing with Liberty that he is only interested in going to a team where he can be the leader. His age reinforces that need to try soon.

In a recent procycling article (which I can't seen to locate), Vino confirms that he will be the only Liberty leader at the TdF.
iBanesto said:
Well, Roberto has finished 5th in the Tour in 2000 where he did not ride the Giro.

Also he went on to win his 1st Vuelta later that year.
I dunno but I think its weird. He was 5th in the tour in 2000, stayed with Lance in the mountains several days. Lance said he thought Roberto could win the Tour someday. When I saw Heras come up the Madeleine this year many minutes behind the lead group he looked awful. I think there is some other reason but I dont know what it is. I mean from the best climber in the world, arguably, to someone who cant hold wheels before the attacks really go. Weird.
Did Lance pay him not to ride?
Mayo, clearly not recovered from last year. Beloki and on and on...
One reason for Heras' decline in performance could be that being a domestique to a strong team leader like LA is very different than being a team leader himself. When one is a domestique on USPS, one only needed to do well on designated high mountain stages if one were Heras. Also, there were many mountain domestiques on the team (e.g., Chechu, Beltran) to share responsibilities with Heras, even though Heras was supposed to be the last mountain domestique to stay with LA on certain more difficult climbs and certain climbs where LA hoped to gain time.

This is compounded by the fact that Saiz has traditionally had leaders, such as Beloki, do reasonably well in the TdF.

In other words, the pressure might be affecting Heras. When Heras finished 5th, he was with Kelme, a smaller team and a team whose organization was generally less hierarchical. Heras was also a less established cyclist than he is now, with his now-greater Vuelta wins and his higher-salary contract with Liberty Seguros.
Phil Ligget has also mentioned that riding as a domestique is totally different than as a team leader.

Maybe Heras can't handle the pressure of being the leader???
dunno, but the man has won three vueltas...you would think he has passed the pressure test (well at least hope)

whether or not they meant to do it, his vague comment about the Giro has caused a number of people, including myself, to be anxtiously awaiting heras's decision for next year...particularly if he wins the vuelta ;)
iBanesto said:
What is with his horrible performance at this year's and last year's Tour de France?

He has won the Vuelta 3 times, he should be in the top ten at worst!!!

Is he falling apart due to the pressure of Lance and his Team Discovery team?
Can't he handle the pressure?
Will he bounce back to perform at this year's Vuelta?

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