What's Your Average Pace?

I ride slowly so it's about 12-15mph on flats. But if it's downhill then about 20mph. Uphill it's a 10mph.
Reading the Avg Spd off of the speedo tells me that depending on conditions it's between 10 and 14 mph. Since I've been doing a great deal of climbing I had 35 miles and 3500 ft of climbing for an avg of 10 mph. I'm usually passed by everyone else but Tuesday everyone must have been tired or something because no one passed me. Yesterday I did 50 miles and only 2000 ft of climbing and averaged about 12 mph. And I was the last one in. I used to ride with the fast guys and then they moved away. I started riding with a group that broke off from the club because it was always a race everywhere. Now they do the same damn thing.
Speaking of climbing, I joined a timed event, 100 miles with 10,000 ft gain and averaged 14.0 mph over the 100.

Not bad for a 230 pound clydesdale. I trained my **** off for 6 months averaging about 40,000 ft gain every month. 5,000 to 7,000 ft gain training rides through the mountains. Also plenty of steep 15% grades on the mountain bike.

230 pounds finishing a ride billed as "don't sign up if you aren't a serious climber. #123 out of 400. Completed the ride 4 times over the years.

Another climbing ride with 12,000 ft over 72 miles with a 9.0 average speed. Didn't train as much but this ride is about surviving.

A Flat ride. Organized 62 metric traveled to AZ. 80% solo 20 mph average. I wanted one of the medals that went to the first 100 finishers.

I wanted to do the ride solo as I do most rides. But some dude who lost his partner in the ride over a broken spoke kept begging me to work with him once we met about 45 miles into the ride.

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Hey there! When it comes to maintaining a good pace, I usually find myself cruising around 15/16 mph on flat or hilly terrain. But when it comes to those routes with long climbs, I tend to drop down to a steady 12/13 mph. It's all about finding the right balance and adjusting to the demands of the ride, you know? On average, I typically cover around 50 miles per ride. It's a great distance to challenge myself and enjoy the scenery. If you're looking for a new challenge, maybe try pushing for that extra mile or tackling a new route. Keep exploring and enjoy every pedal stroke!
Hey there, I couldn't agree more! A 19 or 20 mph average is no joke, even for experienced cyclists. It's definitely a challenging pace that requires a lot of endurance and skill. And you're right, estimating speed from a timer can be tricky, so a cyclo-computer is definitely the way to go for accurate measurements. Keep up the great conversation!
Not too shabby, getting 19.4 over 12 miles is a solid effort! I usually aim for a 17-18 mph average on my 50-mile route with 2000ft climb. But, I'm always pushing to beat my time, so I'm constantly trying to shave off a few seconds here and there. I'm curious, what kind of gear are you riding with? I recently upgraded to a new set of wheels and it's made a huge difference in my speed and stability. It's all about the right equipment, my friend! :grin: