What's your plans for next month?


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Mar 2, 2016
We are heading to July very quickly, and before it hits, I'd like to know what plans you have for it, either sitting at home, cycling by the countryside, night riding, purchasing of new cycling gadgets, or anything, just post it on this thread and let us know...
I have 9 straight days off of work early next month and plan on riding a lot! Hopefully, i'll be able to get 3-4 50+ mile solo rides in and another 3 or so 30-40 mile club rides in.
I am all over this place the next month. I might be in for a huge move, might not, but the alternative is also a different huge move. I really want move A, it involves an organic fruit farm, but it might be harder to get into than I think :(
Here is the San Francisco bay area the weather is always nearly perfect. A hot day on the bay is ninety-five degrees and most of the time it's more like eighty-five.

We have hundreds of miles around this area to ride in and you can pick your style. Last Tuesday I rode 2,000 feet of climbing with the steepest part 10% (damned steep) then on Thursday I did a litle 25 mile ride to a pastry shop in Palo Alto and then decided to ride peninsula to San Francisco and ride the rapid transit home 65 miles of pretty continuous rollers ending up in pedestrian traffic so heavy that you have to walk your bike and at that time the rapid transit car was almost empty, Five hours that show that retirement ain't that boring.
Several days cycling around Park City, UT followed by several more days doing Six Gapt in VT
Watching some of the previous threads' video about some wooden scooters I decided to make my own. I have a trolley from a supermarket so wheels are already there. As for July, well I use my bike to go everywhere so I will just continue to do that. It is pretty hot here in Serbia so I usually use it to go to a public pool that has been improved this year and it is great. It really is very odd when winter comes and I cannot ride my bike. I feel half sick.
I'll be cutting back on total miles for the month to 600 or 700, or so (I ride every day) and worry less about total miles, average speed, cadence and so on. For July, just want to concentrate more on enjoying my biking, exploring new places, trying something different and so on.
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I'll be converting to clipless pedals and getting the bike I've been riding for a couple years (hand-me-down road bike) fitted to me. I'm hoping to get up to 100 miles a week by the end of the month.
It's the onset of rainy season here, a good time for riding with the cool weather although excessive rains can ruin the ride with the floods and the slippery roads. Maybe I would join a group of riders especially when I see some women riders. But only when the weather is good, nor heavy rains and no lightning. I have to admit that I'm scared of lightning especially when I see the news about deaths because of lightning.
I am planning to have a turning point in my career. I will ask for an increase in my salary since my salary is not that high to address the needs of my family. I am finding it hard to pay for the bills and buy enough food for my family.
I hope that this plan turns out to be a good one. I am hoping to have at least a better way of living than before.
I guess I'll be resting some more. I can't always ride due to age. Sometimes I'll feel the need to stay at home and take care of my body. So it's more me time for me.
I'll be going back to school next month after taking a leave for one year, and hopefully there will be no other problems so I can finish my masters.
Well, I think nothing, i will just do my daily routine. lack of time for outdoor activities makes my life so boring. Maybe much better to have plan about quitting my job and take a rest for a month to enjoy my life.
I'll be joining another MTB race next month, I'm joining not because I want to win but because I want to go to the province to enjoy the beach and sceneries while its still summer.


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For me summer is approaching and my miles go up as the heat goes up. I've already started my half day Fridays at work so I can get a long ride in during the week and not just the weekend.
I just returned from a camping where I went for a course road safety, this course is going to help me a lot on the rules of the road when I ride my bike. Also, in the next coming month, I am going to link up with some riders in my community for a competition where the winner will go home with a prize money.
For me summer is approaching and my miles go up as the heat goes up. I've already started my half day Fridays at work so I can get a long ride in during the week and not just the weekend.

This is good, for that is the only way that one can ensure that he / she is ready for any upcoming events that involves riders in a community or town. I wish you the very best in the coming months.
Next month, I'll be having a 5 days off from work, so probably would go cycling in new and awesome places.

This is quite a good plan for your coming month in the sense that taking out time to get invlinvo I riding is one of the best things that can really happen to any body that enjoys riding a bike. When at it, I would suggest you take some pictures that you can share with us here when you are done.
Hopefully, I'd like to get more morning cycling under my belt.

Recently I've been incredibly lazy and have been getting up much later than I usually do. Now many people might not feel that it matters what time of day you cycle, but I totally do. I hate sharing the road with reckless drivers, and many bicycle paths here often have old ladies power-walking on them throughout the day.

Both of these obviously make for a less enjoyable cycling experience, so I'd prefer to get the most out of my cycling by hitting the roads before anyone else is even awake yet.

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