Whats Your Training Program and its results..

Discussion in 'Cycling Training' started by Guest, May 25, 2002.

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    Just interested to know what other people train and the results it gets them.

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    just to keep fit & keep weight down, doing 450kms 6 days a week riding, its working for me :)
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    I have a coach that periodizes my training, we target specific events and goals. I have to train around work and study so this really helps. No complaints yet, all targets acheived.
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    May 9, 2002
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    I also have a incredible coach who works my build cycles around specific events. This season was my first back in 6 years so first 3 months were spent with base miles and intervals. Everything is based on heartrate. I work between 200 and 400 miles a week depending on what we are working on. I am just beginning a nasty build cycle for sprints and crits to get ready for nationals...let you know the results in 5 weeks:)

    I ride full time so having a coach to organize my schedule so I just concentrate on which route to take makes life easier than I could do on my own.