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I get on my bike the other day after not riding for nearly a month. I started hearing this strange sound. I could not figure it out and just put it down to me having changed the small chain ring and not resetting the derailer.
Anyway after riding 20 km I take this corner and as the bike leans over I can cleary hear the soft grinding sound. Looks like I need to change my front wheel bearing.

Now, can I get a wheel bearing kit from shimano and do it my self (I'm very mechanicaly enabled) or do I take it to a bike shop and get them to do it ?

If you are in doubt wether you can effect the repiar (if needed) yourself or do not yhave the tools rather play safe and take it to a bike repair shop. If you want to do these type of minor repairs yourself in the future ask the bike shop if you may watch while they repair your bike. Most repairs on a bike are very elementary and can be done with a little patience dirty hand and the correct tools. I scrounge around at second hand book stores and have accumulated a few books on bike repair. Small things like BB repairs servicing hubs and chain repairs I can do myself. I want to attempt building centering and dishing a wheel myself and have made myself a vrey nice but heavy wheel trueing stand.

The bearing cones on your hubs might only need adjustment but have it checked befor real damage occurs that can be expensive.

Keep those wheels spinning !!!!

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10 points to CycleLab. Went in yesterday to get a quote, was looking like R30 for bearing plus R70 for axel. took the wheel in today and have just been to pic it up. No Charge. They serviced the bearings and everything was A OK, turned out to just be dry bearings.

But I did book a Giant Mountain bike while I was there. 2001 model with front shocks and Shimano components (not sure which ones but bottom of the range) for R1999 . Even the salesman had to re-check the price to make sure it was not wrong. Will probably be picking it up tomorow. :D:D

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