Wheel designed for shrader valve, use presta valves?


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May 31, 2014
I know I'm probably not using the correct terminology as I'm inexperienced with all this so excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. I'm replacing my bikes tires and tubes. The wheels are accommodated for shrader valves, which are thicker in diameter than presta valves. If I replace the shrader valve tubes with presta valve ones, there will be a little bit of a gap in the wheel/rim hole where the valve sticks out. Is this ok to leave as is, or do I need to make some modification to this gap in the hole? It looks to me as it should be fine, but would prefer to get some input from you guys. Thanks for your time :) Mike
Using a Presta-valved tube in a Schrader wheel is asking for trouble. The air pressure in the tube will push the valve farther through the hole than intended and the tube can be cut right next to the valve. Get Schrader tubes instead of trying to kluge something together that will bite you in the butt down the road.
If they are mtb rims that are wide enough, you can get a washer to fit behind the tube valve to aleviate the gap issue. That said, If the nut is not overtightened it hasn't been a problem on my end. Unless you are planning on working with race equipment though, I would stick to schrader because it is more conveniently found without adapters.
Whenever I've gone from Schrader-to-Presta, I've always also replaced the rim tape. Then simply sized the valve hole in the rim tape for the Presta valve. Seems to work just fine, at least up to 6-7 Bar. Beyond that, I havent' tried.
Google "schrader to presta hole adapter".

Having ditched schrader valves on my non motorized vehicles in the 80's I've never tried it, but it seems like there are dozens of different products.

Some other opinions?


No valve adapter for inflation when no presta pump is around?
Thanks for the info fellas.
I will look into these adapters. And possibly consider the rim tape idea as well.

Thanks for the thread links Danfoz.

I use a Schrader to Presta valve adapter at 100 PSI. Works fine for me. Shimano make one, the WH-T565 Valve Stem Adaptor, but I use the Wheels Mfg Presta Stem Saver.
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I use a Schrader to Presta valve adapter at 100 PSI. Works fine for me. Shimano make one, the WH-T565 Valve Stem Adaptor, but I use the Wheels Mfg Presta Stem Saver.

I use a similar adapter but different brand which I don't recall the brand, on my touring bike and it works just fine for the last 3 years; there is also plastic ones on the market too but those snap in rather than slide in like the aluminum ones. You do have to either peel back the rim tape to install it then lay it back down over the adapter, or put on new rim tape to cover the base of the adapter and keep it in place.

I don't think it's necessary to go with Presta on a MTB though, I did it on my vintage touring bike with 27" wheels because it's easier to find Presta road tubes than Schrader road tubes.