Wheel question...


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Feb 5, 2003
I'm looking to buy a new Kestrel Talon. I've found two places offering nearly identical bikes for the same price. The only difference is the wheels... One has Matrix Aurora rims on 105 hubs the other are Shimano 535. Is there a difference between the rims/wheels? Or are they nearly identical in performance and price?

Thanks for your help!

Never heard of the Matrix range of wheels. Instinct tells me to go with the Shimano's.

Below is a pic of the Matrix Aurora rims.
Just curious if you bought the Talon yet, and if your pleased.
...about going with the 535's. It's not that they're not good wheels. It's about their construction. The paired-spoke wheelsets like Rolfs, Bontragers, etc. look cool, can be light and can be fast. But they can have catastrophic failures should you happen to break a spoke. And, they can be very finicky when you true them, which can be fairly frequent. Also, if you're a strong rider (or a "heavy" one), paired-spoke wheels may not be a good choice. Or, if you ride on bad roads a lot.

I don't know much about the Matrix rims, but the 105 hubs are quality all the way. Check out the other components of the wheelset: Are the spokes double buted to help save weight? Was the wheel built by a reputable builder or manufacturer, i.e. WheelSmith? When you feel the rim, is it nicely finished and smooth? If these things check out, chances are the Matrix wheels will serve you well. You can always go to lighter, more expensive (and FASTER!) wheels later. This way, you'll have a set to use for winter/bad weather riding, or for bad roads and have a set for summer/fast rides.

BTW, I just bought my Kestrel Talon about a month ago! INCREDIBLE bike! Mine came with full Ultegra, with Mavic/Ultegra wheels. I'm probably going to go with a faster, Radially-spoked set-up once the weather gets warmer.

Whichever wheel set you pick, you're getting a great bike...enjoy it!! :D