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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Scott C, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. Scott C

    Scott C Guest

    When I lift my new bike on a stand, and spin the wheels, I do not think the wheels spin very well.
    When I ride and coast, the bike performs much better than my wife's bike (as I catch her easily
    coasting downhill), but we are different weights by 100lb (I weigh more). Today I went into an REI
    store and spun a few tires (not on the same bike) and they worked great - like I thought they
    should. I have re-greased the bearings as part of an initial overhaul. There is a rubber sleeve on
    the outside of the wheel, to keep the bearing area dust free, and I think this may be part of the
    potential issue.. but am not sure - yes, I can take it off and try spinning the wheel
    w/o the sleeve on it.

    I just wondering if anyone would have any ideas as to why the front and back wheel may not spin as
    well as I think they should? The break is not rubbing on the sides of the wheel. I used Schwinn
    grease on the wheel bearing areas.



  2. Cyclist101

    Cyclist101 Guest

    Scott C wrote:
    > Just read Sheldon's cone adjustments.. and will check this very closely again - I don't think this
    > is the problem, but I did not put as much care into adjusting mine as Sheldon states..

    Hey Scott, I was about to reply when I saw you'd replied to yourself. It sounds like you adjusted
    your cones too tightly. They should be snug, but the wheel should still be able to spin easily and
    freely. It requires a little minor tightening (and/or loosening) to find the perfect spot between
    too much slop and too snug, so don't simply back them off a little and think everything's better.
    Make sure you have no slop or play -- both of which are problematic.
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