Wheelbuilder in JHB?


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May 2, 2002
Does any one know of a good wheel builder in Johannesburg? One that knows what kind of spokes and rims to use for different kinds of racing and body weight.
There are good wheelbuilders in Germiston somewhere. I'll see if I can source their contact details.
Hi Mampara<br /><br />Jhb used to have one of the best wheelbuilders in the country, Denis Johnson but he packed up and moved to ARGUS country. You can try George Karellis of Mean Machine in Germiston or George Matthews of Allan van Heerden at the Bramley Branch (o11 - 786 4004) Whether they know about all the weight and things I do not know but I have the name of a very good dietician if mass is the problem!!!!!<br /><br />Keep those wheels spinning and well trued!!!!<br /><br />Big H
Thanx Big H. No weight is not a problem. I would just like to get the thinnest, lightest spokes that will not break when I'm climbing or sprinting.
sapim cx ray might be the answer.<br /><br />Weight : 278g (64 x 260 mm) <br />Fatigue test / wheel revolutions : 3.500.000 <br />Strength on middle section : 1600N/mm²<br /><br />They may not be the lightest on the market a piece but they are light, and they are very strong this fact means that you can make a weel with the same strength with lesser spokes and so lesser weight. They also are aero spokes(which fit in normal hubs) so speed quality whats also important should be fine. <br /><br />For air resistance off a wheel the number of spokes and them beiing aero or not seems of considerable importance.<br /><br />I replaced the freewheel side of one of my wheels with this type of spoke a week or 3 ago looks nice, haven't tested them jet as roads are or wet or even flooded or else covered with salt this time of year over here. In this weather I prefer my old wheels and bike to get the beating.<br /><br />are available in silver and black but are pricy 1.5 euro(13.5 rand?) a spoke for silver another 25 cents(2 rands) more for the black ones <br /><br />www.sapim.be