Wheels for soloist


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Jul 26, 2003
I'm about to buy a Cervelo Soloist for training, road races, crits, and TT's. I need a great set of aero wheels that would be good all purpose wheel set. I'm seriously considering the Ksyrium wheel set. Any advice?
Everyone I know who has them loves them. Seem awfully expensive to me, though. And I wonder about them in side winds (I recall someone mentioning that as an issue once).

What's wrong with the stock wheels? Maybe get the wheels they put on the Team version of the bike?
Ksyriums are great all round wheels. Yes you do feel it in a cross wind but it is not a big issue.
Other great wheels include the Campy Eurus or Neutrons.
Ksyriums are excellent general-purpose racing and training wheels, but with a 25mm box-section rim, I'd say it's a bit inaccurate to describe them as aero.

Unless you're willing to spend well over a grand on truly deep-dish aero wheels (like Cosmic Carbones), though, you may as well buy one of the better sub-$800 general purpose race sets around -- Ksyriums fit the bill.

There are other reputable options in the same price range, some of which offer deeper rims, some of which are shallow and lightweight -- Velomax, American Classic, Bontrager, Rolf Prima, Shimano and Campagnolo all make strong sub-$1000 wheelsets. Don't count out smaller custom builders either.

Good luck!

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