Wheelset for Climbing and TT!!! under $1400 and Powertap compatible..zipp 303 equilivants?


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Jan 2, 2011

I am a student, I have been saving all break to buy a new wheelset. I am thinking about doing Duathlons and I love climbing and I LOVE attacking. So i need an aerodynamic wheelset that is also light.

I was looking at the 404 but it seems too aero, so I was looking at the 303 but they are both so expensive. I dont trust the Ebay "used" as they are usally 10x the actual posted milage...

I can find 404 and 303's for around 1400 but if I can find cheaper then I could afford a aero-fit from one of the best in Norcal, which reminds me, who are the best aero bike fitters in Northern California?

The HED's seem to heavy, is there some European brands that are cheap and just as good as the Zipp 303's in terms of weight and aerodynamics? Are there any up and coming US manufacturers that are as aerodynamic and light as the 303's?

I currently have Mavic Kysriums SL and they are not aerodynamic, barely used. Perhaps I will sell.

What about combining wheels? are there combinations that are more beneficial?

So yea I want obviously what everyone wants, the perfect wheelset for Solo Attacks, Mountain pounding, and Time Trialing.

THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!! I have been losing sleep over this for a week now.
I would buy "Williams wheels" they make a carbon 38 with ceramic bearing. Weight 1463 cost 1,000. They have a video review by test rider on the web-site. They have great costumer service and a fantastic warranty. I do not own a pair yet, but they will be my next wheel set.
Good luck and ride light (ww)
I have to agree with Uzzah about Williams Racing Wheels. They are pretty much the most affordable full carbon wheel on the market. Pretty light based on the price as well.
Hah, just to give you an idea of whether William's are good...Before I even saw the two posts above this I was going to suggest the same. I ride System 19's that were $500 and they've got hybrid ceramic bearings and weigh less than 1450 grams. They are by far and away the best wheels for the money so going for their higher level wheelsets (most run about $1,000 for their full carbon) would be well worth it.

From what I've heard customer service is fantastic too. Never had to use it though. But they are definitely your best return for the money hands down.
Hi ATB90, another wheelset to consider is the ProLite Bracciano.
Here is an example ... http://www.pro-liteoz.com/store/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=19