Wheelset: Light, Rim Brake, Alloy...choose two?


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Nov 1, 2009
I'm looking to upgrade from Rolf Prima Elan's, as these Rolf Prima wheels are rediculously tight when it comes to a tube change. I've resorted to carrying the EasyClincher tool (https://ezclincher.com/), which has become indispensable after a flat. My wheel preferences are:

> Lighter weight (sub 1350 gm), which might mean a lower profile climbing wheel...which is fine.
> Rim brake compatible, and a good braking surface (maybe alloy, which I have now and really like)
> I'm forced to use a 23mm clincher on the rear with this frame, so internal rim width shouldn't be more than maybe 21mm.

I've used the Zipp 202 in the past, but don't like the braking performance. I was wondering if the Zipp 202 NSW (non-disc specific, which is all they produce now) would be an upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any replies . . .

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