When FORCE trumps POWER and improving CP1


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Sep 21, 2005
I have an inverted-V profile (check picture). My weakness is 1 minute power as is usually witnessed in my racing experiences. Repeated attacks over 500 watts with short recoveries usually begin to spell the end for me.

Recent event included climbing a 'wall' where a 39x25 was probably not enough gears, but I still would have been dropped had I a bigger cog. It was short, less than a minute, but pulling on the handlebars and pushing as hard as I could on the pedals wasn't enough. Ended up 'walking' the gear in a low cadence at around 12km/h. Granted, I'm pack-fill and was dropped in a national champs.

I do sprint work, 45s, 1min, 1m30s AC intervals once per week, but haven't been doing them on a hill. I do all intensity work at high cadences (over 100) and generally do not do low cadence work to save my knees.

Been racing for 4 years (38 yo, 67kg) and am probably not going to change my profile, but need to train the weaknesses a bit more. Too late now into race season but will look to improve for cross.

Any ideas to improve short term FORCE?
Spunout said:
Any ideas to improve short term FORCE?

Roll to a near stop at the bottom of a small hill of around 3-7% grade (freeway overpass). Accelerate with 100% effort in your 53x16 or 15 for 15". Rest 3'. Repeat. 2-3 per set, 6-7' rest between sets, 2-3 sets. If you're in the middle of a hill then you won't need to come to a stop first, you can just start from around 5mph. Eventually you can work up to 30" sprints.
Ya, funny.

As soon as I type the post and re-read it, I've told myself that I've identified a weakness that I do not train at all. Short duration, high force type stuff.