When ordering items such as sports jerseys or other apparel foryourself or your team, keep in mind t

When ordering items such as sports jerseys or other apparel for
yourself or your team, keep in mind that the fit should be comfortable
and the materials should be flexible. During any active game such as
football, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, etc., there will be
lots of arm and leg movement. Be sure to order the appropriate sizes
and allow for a little moving room. Don't order items too big because
the clothing could be a hindrance if it's too baggy. Spandex materials
are usually popular choices for these types of sports.

Track and Running Shoes

If you're involved in track at school or in the professional realm,
the main focus should be on your running shoes. Choose shoes that fit
snug, but comfortably. The shoes should not slide on your heel, nor
should they hurt your toes after wearing them for an hour or two. Be
sure the shoes provide adequate support for your heels and arches.
Also, buy running shoes that feel lightweight on your feet while
running. Check to make sure the shoes have good treads on the bottom.
Your running shoes should be a help, not a hindrance.