When to get update shoes/pedals & fitting?


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Apr 11, 2014
I have worn the same specialized road bike shoes & pedals for 3000 miles over past 3 years. Also the last time I was fitted was over 12 months ago. So should I upgrade shoes, pedals, cleats anytime soon? How often should I be refitted on the same bike? I am 22 weeks from ironman so just looking to be smart. Tx
3000 miles is barely broken in. You might want to find out if your chain needs replacing, though.
Bike shoes and pedals can last a Looong time. The most consumable part is the cleat which is easy to replace.

No need to refit the bike unless you are having issues or are looking for a more agressive position.
I've been riding in the same Specialized Body Geometry shoes since 2006. 30,000-40,000 miles or so. I've worn out one pair of pedals, countless chains and cassettes, but the shoes are still in good shape.