When was your last crash?


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Feb 3, 2018
My last one was two weeks ago, it was raining and I didn't see the puddle in front of me, it was 3 inches deep and I was standing on my bike when it hit, I instantly jumped off and was flat on my back on the road. I wasn't injured just a few scratches.

When was your last crash?
I think I had already posted about this but let me just repeat for the sake of this thread. It was in a lake resort that I crashed on a planter box and that ruined the plants. To be honest about it, I was deeply embarrassed that I cried before I could recover with the help of my nieces and nephew. Until now I couldn’t understand why I crashed maybe I had lost my focus or my balance, I really cannot say.
In the last two months I've had two crashes - the first I was about to ride up an overpass over the local rapid transit and somehow there was a green pinecone in the other lane and a passing car kicked it under my bike tire. Hell, I was riding along and the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground with no idea of how I got there, No serious damage and was sore for a month.

A week and a half ago I was riding down a hill at 35 and in a turn. At the bottom was a stop light out onto a main street. I stopped and proceeded after the light changed turning onto the main street. There was immediately another light. Stopped there. Started off on the green and got across the intersection when my tubeless tire blew completely off the rim and I lost control and went down at perhaps 8 mph. It sounded like a gunshot. Wearing several layers so the worst damage was to my knee. It didn't seem to be healing and I discovered 3M Tegaderm which is something like Saran Wrap that sticks to your body hairy or not. After one full day the healing has been as much as the previous week and some. I recommend this stuff highly. Turned out that the tire I thought was tubeless was not. Be EXTREMELY careful that any tubeless tires you use say tubeless without any hesitation.
6 months ago, when I was biking down the hill I had a crash and hit a rock, then feel myself leave the bike and fell into the bushes aside from the road, with some scratches on face and hand.
I've only crashed twice on MTB, never on a roadie.

Last one was 2010. Fast 10% descent doing about 25 MPH. Misjudged a bit rut, tried to hop hitting the opposite side after going over the bars. Broken helmet, font to mid top, thrashed the suspension but saved my head. Separated shoulder. That one hurt ha ha! Hard pack red clay type terrain.
Yesterday. Post office truck pulled out just as I was passing him, I crashed in to his side mounted rear view mirror. Which he apparently wasn’t using. I went down hard, no damage to the bike, black and blue spot on my thigh. We argued about who’s fault it was. Since it is a clearly marked bike lane I assumed I had the right of way. No real damage. Lesson learned. Watch out for mail trucks.
Yesterday was riding a slow technical trail climb on Boggs Mt. Lost traction going over sugar pine cones , fell over didnt get a foot down. Some bruises.


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August 1st 2020 I got side swiped by a SUV scraped up the side of my face fractured my thumb and abrasion all over the right side of my body. The most positive thing was my bike was unscathed.


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