Where are you from,what do you do?

from Hungary and now, also from Romania. I usually ride my bike in every day occasions, better then commuting on the bus. Also the downside is that I live in a city and dont have a city bike. Ouch sidewalks.
I'm from Europe and have just a basic bicycle good for commuting and going to school since the distance isn't very long. However, it is always good to ride just for fun. I am currently in school and I work part time in telemarketing.
I grew up in the Greater East Bay and Sonoma County in California, went to school in Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, and Davis. Rode in all three areas.

Now I am a community manager at a startup called Panjo based out of Santa Monica. We are a platform for enthusiasts to buy and sell high-end used equipment. Specifically, my job is to build out our cycling marketplace from scratch. I love it!
I'm from Ontario, Canada and I am a stay at home mom. I am a proud mother of two kids and a wife to an amazing guy.
We love to cycle as a family.
I'm from Sumter, South Carolina USA. I don't cycle much lately. I have a bike but the only bike I use is my exercise bike. I haven't even used that lately. It all needs to change soon.
Hello everyone! My name is Jorge Solis. I was born and raised in Mexico. Then, at the age of ten I moved to the United States. I have been in this country since then. I am now twenty-three years old and I am applying for a Master's program in Physician Assistant studies. I am very happy to say that I am both from Mexico and from the United States!
I am John Ryan, an accountancy student from the Philippines. I do not have any plans of becoming a professional cyclist since I plan to be a lawyer someday. But I do love riding a bicycle, especially when I am in the countryside. The air there is cool and clean, and the roads are not too dangerous for a bicycle trip. I usually do not have much to do when I visit the countryside, but riding my old bicycle to visit old familiar places is good enough for me.
Not sure how I never found my way to this thread before. Lol.

I'm from Indiana, and I live in a very small town of less than 100 people.

I do some freelance writing, and I also sell handknit items.
Hey, I'm from the sunny island of Jamaica.When i'm not working you'll find me mostly indoors. I no longer go to the gym so I exercise at home, watch tv and do lots of crossword and sudoku puzzles.
I'm from Maine, and I bike as a hobby, and am trying to train up to taking a few short trips by myself next year. Currently I am employed in healthcare. I don't like my job. :p
I'm from Slovenia, you can find us if you look very hard on a very big map somewhere east from Italy. Or follow the long line of refugees, you'll find us soon enough.

Anyway, I've been cycling regularly for the last 2 years and just bought my first "adventure road bike". I currently work part time in a basement office of a bank, while trying to finish my degree in tourism management on the other part. Also trying to write a somewhat interesting blog about it all, so if you're interested in reading a bit, the link's in my signature. I'll be happy to have you around. :)
I'm originally from Yugoslavia, although that country doesn't exist anymore. I lived all over the place and at the moment I'm a freelance web developer in Germany.

I've been on my bike since I was a kid and I ride almost every day of the week. I sometimes use it for exercise, but most of the time it's both that and a form of transportation.
Hey there! I am Maja from Serbia.I am almost 28 years old and I love cycling. I have owned a bike from when I was 10.
I have never raced but I rode my bike in the mountains with my dad - it was kind of more fitness thing to do, than a race thing.
Dad usually rides every morning and evening, longer distances, unllike me, who rides only short distances now due to the injury i got-broke my leg. So I don't want to get really far in case I might need some emergency issues, or some help.
As soon as I get better I'll cycle longer distances. :)
I am from Cape Cod Massachusetts. For right now I am concentrating on lifting and circuit training to help build up my strength and cardiovascular capabilities. In addition to riding as well. I am having to do more in the gym now than outside as it is getting darker so much quicker now!
Hi there! :)
I am from Serbia.
I have obtained BA in English literature and language - linguistics. Ever since I have worked as a teacher, nursery teacher, translator, interpreter, content writer, editor, proofreader, etc.
My hobbies are poetry writing, biking, making friendship bracelets, watching movies,drinking coffee (Turkish), contemplating about life. My interests include spirituality, alien life, science, mystery, ancient tribes/nations, archeology, etc.
I'm from just outside of Washington DC in the USA. I actually happy to be from there. As far from there as I can get! I've been riding since I was 6 (never really stopped, even in my teens) and the drivers on the road were quite aggressive towards me at the time. I have since moved to the west coast and find the drivers to be much less antagonistic. As for what I do? Not much anymore as I'm 50mumble years old and disabled (PTSD). One thing I do however is ride my bike. At 50mumble years old, I'm still pulling metric centuries and hauling loads (not at the same time, so far). I'm learning German, and have two bikes:

Mondtänzerin (Moondancer), my road bike, is the first road bike I have built in over 20 years. She sports Campag (Campagnolo) Athena 11 speed gearing, Kamsin wheels, 30-year-old Campag Athena brakes (the old '89 Monoplaner ones), and a fair bit of shop brand "Taiwan knock-off" componentry where it counts less. Yes, this bike sports a white frame and bright silver componentry (with purple bits as well, when available). How did you guess?

Schattentänzerin (Shadow dancer) is my hybrid and work-horse. Sporting Shimano Deore LX 9 speed gearing, a total **** suspension fork (I'm looking for a replacement for that), Direct-pull brakes, home built wheels on Velocity hubs and Velocity Fusion rims laced 3x in front and 4x in the rear. at 36h these are all but indestructible! Most of this bike is TKO (Taiwan knock-off) stuff and I'm less happy with this ride (for now). Yes, she is a bit old (hey, so am I!), but still quite serviceable. I may rebuild her with Athena gearing in black if I can score it with a triple front. will likely have to build new wheels to support that. I'd be building her as a main touring rig, and would likely try to keep the Sherpa gearing as I will likely be hauling loads. Oh, sherpa gearing is my term: High end like any road bike, low end so low I can climb a hill that would scare a Sherpa. . .
she is carrying a 26, 38, 48 crankset, and 11-35 9-speed cassette. . . Can you say "wide range of gears"?
My name is Djordje Mitic , i am 28 and i come from a small country called Serbia. Depending on sport you like you will recognize Novak Djokovic, Branislav Ivanovic, Aleksandar Kolarov, Vlade Divac, Ana Ivanovic...
My current occupation is a student. I study English in my home city but it is taking too long as you can see from my age. In my spare time i enjoy sports, reading and writing, learning and cooking, playing guitar. Usual stuff that keep one person busy during the days. I do not have a job right now. I do some freelancing online and that is basic stuff about me. I also like forums like this one because you can learn a lot and get your self well inform on many subjects.
I am Shenique, 22 years old from Jamaica. I'm a medical technologist who needs to become more active. Cycling seems like the best way to go.
Hi hi there !
I am a 28 year old girl from Serbia.
I am a teacher of English and a translator/interpreter on a constant and tiring and almost impossible mission to find a job :D. All in vain.
Anyways, I love riding my old bike, conversing with people about deeper matters in life, reading, watching movies, and I am very interested in human relationships, mostly romantic. :)
Happy to be here :)