Where are you from?

I am from Parish now I am live in Maxico and have a job in multinational company as a software engineer.
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I am from Delhi, India. India is very nice country to visit.

Maybe in the countryside. But the cities there are nuts! I would never wanna drive in india. However I would like to know what india is like outside of all that madness? Whats it like for cycling and mountain biking?
Here in UK everything is **** except for the scottish highlands and the north, parts of cumbria, snowdonia and cornwall. Small pieces of heaven in what is otherwise a shittole.
Poland here ! :D
I think that there's nobody from Poland apart from me on this forum.
New Jersey! We are receiving a hefty amount of snow at the moment, but it is not hindering my cycling. When we do get a blizzard though, I have my treadmill set up, just to get my weekly milage. This cold weather won't and will not stop me!
Im from Cape Cod In Massachuesetts. Nice area to do some biking as you got the Canal, Shining sea bike path, and many others. You guys should come down here during the summer, it's gorgeous! Never been down to Martha's Vineyard but I will this summer if I get an allez.
I'm from California this point in your places to ride out here is probably one of the greatest locations to ride a bike to be honest with you. Even in the suburban neighborhood there are still great locations to ride. We even have a lot of bike lanes out here especially in Berkeley and San Francisco. We take biking incredibly serious out here.
I am currently living in North Carolina. It is a beautiful state with lots of parks and trails to ride in and nature to enjoy. I also live in a very bike friendly town.