Where can I buy Specialized tires?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Paul Kossa, Apr 24, 2004.

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    I know I can get them directly form the Specialized web site . . .
    that is, if my WebTV is compatible with it. They used to be available
    in many of the mail order catalogs. And according to the web site,
    the nearest store to me who carries them is a couple hundred miles
    away. Anyone know anyone who sells them on-line or through mail

  2. From: [email protected] (Paul=A0Kossa)
    >I know I can get them directly form the
    >Specialized web site . . . that is, if my
    >WebTV is compatible with it.

    So! I'm niot the only WebTV'er here! Tell me, are you using WTV for
    this post? How do you manage to access the usenet through another addy

    And, more importantly, is it possible to retain the original post so I
    don't have to copy-paste, and go through all the trouble of
    backspace-return-greaterthanning the quoted post?

    I know this is rather OT, but if I were to write directly, I doubt it
    would go through, as most of the addy's here are "spam-proofed". So
    please, to keep from "OT'ing" this thread any more, respond directly to
    the E-mail addy above. Others may respond in the same way with their


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