Where can I find used MTB tires?


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Aug 21, 2003
I'm looking for some used MTB tires...26"...that will be used for messing around and fun. I'm just looking for a few sets of used bald tires...the more wear the better as long as they'll still keep a tube inside...as they're just going to be destroyed anyhow and I don't want to waste tread on new tires. People typically just throw them away when they're bald and when cheap ones do come up on Ebay they want a killing for shipping to make a buck. Anyone have any suggestions?

cms91586 said:
I'm looking for some used MTB tires..... Anyone have any suggestions?

Go to your LBS, preferably when things are a bit quiet(lunch hour is out!) and ask if they have any that they haven't thrown out yet. Offer to trade them against fresh donuts or something, and you'll make their day. You might have to come back next week to collect.

Or, try to hook up with the neighborhood bike fanatic, there's bound to be one around.
Once the knobs starts to get a bit rounded the tires loose some of their original bite, and that's enough for some people to swap them out although the tires still has loads of life left in them.