Where did you ride today?

Aussie Steve

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Nov 8, 2005
Moved to Rockingham about 6 weeks ago.
For those of you in or from Melbourne, Rockingham is considered similar to Dandenong or Frankston. Has been called the Bogan capital of WA.
I thought my riding would be curtailed however the motorists here in Rocky aren't all that bad !!
the other day a lowered 2002 Commodore (typical bogan vehicle) was waiting for me to pass, I expected a spray... but they waved a fist (cheering me on ) and encouraged me to go faster with a smile on their face !!
today it was windy as hell and I just imagined how Michael Rogers felt during his 3rd world time trial title...difference being, my power output is a bit less than his !!!
bleak, cold, blustery, desolate, draining, boy was I glad when it was over...