Where do I buy a 700c wheel with Shimano inter-8 hub??

Discussion in 'Commuting and Road Safety' started by Strid, Dec 16, 2007.

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    Hi fellow commuters!

    So my trusty commuter needs a new rear wheel. Currently it's got a Mavic rim with a Shimano Nexus 7spd hub, which is seven or eight years old now with god knows how many miles on it. It's started to squeal and have a cracking noise, so I guess I need to replace it before it breaks :(... I already replaced my front wheel with a spare one from my road, so that's fine now. Anyone know where (online preferably) I can buy a new rear wheel with internal gearing?

    Also, what gear would you recommend?? I'm thinking the newest Shimano 8spd hub would be the best, no? And finally, I've seen quite a few 28" rear wheels with internal geared hub on ebay, would those fit?

    Oh, and a last one ... I've been running 700x28c tires for the last ten years or so, any reason not to use 25c or even 23c like on my road racer? I'm considering 700x25c, my reasoning being that they have less resistance = faster commute each morning. :)

    Thanks, guys!

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    Why don't you take your inter-7 to a shop or find some instructions on how to tear it down yourself? What have you got to lose?

    I will leave it to someone who is familiar with European cycling distributors to answer the actual question.